The 3 best grip products within pole sport. To replace dry hands!

The 3 best grip products within pole sport. To replace dry hands!

There are many types and brands of pole dance grip. How do you know what works? Simply put: something different works for everyone. Every person is different: how much someone sweats, what your skin type is, how your skin reacts to cold, heat and movement ... Some products dry out the skin, other products just sweat it off. Finding the right grip is often a difficult and costly process! Flexmonkey has the solution. After a year of research * of various brands, a top 3 of best grip products has been rolled out. This is based on the use, effect and price.

Before the top 3 is announced, first a bit about the different types of grip. There are roughly four categories: powder, liquid grip and resin types. The powders and resins are not included in this blog. The powder form because it is not wanted in many studios because of the mess it leaves behind and that it can affect the breathing. The resins are not involved because they are not 'IPSF approved'. That is, they may not be used in competitions organized by the International PoleSport Federation. And most studios are not happy with this, because it can get left on the pole and stick stubbornly. So it often works very well.

Then now ..... the top 3! All three IPSF approved and allowed in studio competitions. Twice a liquid gel, comparable to Dry Hands sports grip, and a liquid spray, comparable to Dew Point. Something for everyone. And, after increasing prices for small bottle dry hands, the prices and quantities are a relief! So, start your search for the ideal grip here. That saves you a lot of headaches and costs. Of course, it cannot be said with 100% certainty that this is the grip for you, but if you start here, chances are that you will find your grip within this top 3.

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1. PoleGrip

Polegrip offers a thin liquid formula that dries well and does not stick. It promises to improve sports performance by reducing slipping and reducing and increasing grip with the hands. The formula lasts for a long time and only a small drop is needed. The label leaves something to be desired, but fortunately not the product itself! The 50ml bottle and the ingredients are vegan friendly. It contains alcohol, silica, sodium bicarbonate and water. A small drop in the palm of your hand, clap your hands to distribute, let it dry and: ready for pole!


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2. Xdry

The X-dry sports grip is better compared to the dryhands. It is a liquid grip in gel formula. The silicone gel does not stick and has a double effect. On the one hand, it increases your grip and on the other it reduces sweating. Application is simple: a small drop in the palm of your hands, rub your hands together and let it dry for 20 seconds: ready for pole!

alternative for dry hands pole grip alternative for dry hands pole dance grip hydro attack dew point nederland flexmonkey polewear europe discount

3. Flexmonkey Hydro attack

The Hydro Attack pole grip is similar to DEW POINT but better! Larger bottle, gentle on the skin, good for the environment and cheaper. In addition, the grip is approved by the IPSF. The 3 main ingredients of this grip are water, glycerin and aloe vera. This protects the skin against dehydration and is suitable for people with a paraben allergy. The grip is parabens, phenoxyethanol and phthalates FREE. Flexmonkey Hydro Attack pole dance grip does not give a white layer over the skin or pole. The product absorbs into the skin so that it can do its work from within. The grip comes in a spray and can be used anywhere on the body. It is recommended to inject those parts that have contact with the pole during training. The use on hands and feet is only recommended if they are super dry before applying the product. It takes approximately 30 to 60 seconds for the product to absorb. But after that: ready to pole!

For the launch of these grip products, there is an introduction TODAY Monday, August 26, 2019 with a discount of 10% with the code "EXTRAGRIP '-> follow the link. A grip product is put in the spotlight on Facebook every Sunday in September. Stay tuned and follow us there.

* research was carried out by means of interviews among the instructors and students of various pole dance studios in the Netherlands.

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