Special sports- Mermaid swimming

Special sports- Mermaid swimming

The new queste at Flexmonkey is to try out special sports.

The first in this series is Mermaid swimming. 

This special sport we have thanks to Jolanda van der Meijden, from swimming school Onda lobith, to try it out for the first time. Jolanda came up with the idea of teaching in this new sport by a friend's daughter. As an experienced swimming instructor, she thought it would be a great idea to add mermaid swimming to her curriculum. In this way, not only is a lot of fun taken out of this latest trend in the swimming field, but also the safety of the practitioner is immediately guaranteed.

Just as Ariel learned to walk with the help of the Prince, you learn to swim at Jolanda mermaid. On location you have an infinite, it seems, choice of different tails and you are helped to choose the right tail for your type.

And then the wondrous moment - The transformation from man to more....................

Mermaid swimming with flexmonkey_sport

To avoid accidents and because you can't walk with the tail on anymore, it is practically next to the water to put your tail on. First the (loose) mono fin in the tail, then your feet in it and then you poach the fabric of the tail up;

Et voilá - Your inner mermaid is born!

In the water you quickly notice that swimming in an S-movement is great for your abdominal and back muscles. You use your entire core, no matter what you notice when you breathe. Jolanda's tip is not to forget to exhale under water. If you keep holding your breath, there's a chance you're going to get a headache soon. You can also vary in intensity by choosing a small or large mono fin. The bigger the fin, the more resistance in the water and the more force you have to use to get ahead.

Mermaid swimming is for everyone, for young and old, provided you have your A and B swimming certificate. Safety above all of course :)

We at Flexmonkey are a big fan of this special sport and advise everyone to discover your inner mermaid in the water!
We like to catch the mermaid swimming and Jolanda to Amsterdam and surroundings: So you come from this region and you also want to participate, let us know by mail -!

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