The insanely fun and renewed prize-giving ceremony at "Pole & Aerial competition Firelilly"!

The insanely fun and renewed prize-giving ceremony at "Pole & Aerial competition Firelilly"!

More and more contests are coming for the pole and aerial sports. Super nice that you can now choose a race near you, or a match with a specific theme such as 'Fairy tales' or 'Winter wonderland'. Most competitions work with the classic pricing system of Nos 1, 2 and 3. This stage places are divided according to a jury form which may vary by race. Often, attention is paid to the technique, the finishing, the inaction and the costume. In the paalsport there is often a spinning and a static pole and it is expected that you will use both. Competing in a competition often attracts you because then you can show you what you have at home to an audience. But sometimes the rules scare off. What if this rule of procedure is released?

Paaldancing studio Firelily is coming to a competition that leaves all the rules a little loose again. " I want to give people a place where they can show the best of themselves without having to keep you in there with all kinds of rules. There's nothing wrong with rules, but I wanted to let go of things. You can do that.Never show their own style completely because you have to abide by rules.I want to leave people free in what they make as an act. An opportunity to truly show what is best you are.  For that reason, I have also started to organise competitions. I want to give everyone a chance to stand on a stage. As low as possible so that everyone can make it to stand up on a stage, sit backstage with fun mirrors and come up from behind those magical curtains. "

Susan, the owner of the Firelily studio, also comes with a rush of rules free contest without the classic "1,2,3" price distribution. This is mainly about the artistic, without compulsory components such as spinning, power or leneness. Because there are already many great shows like the Four Elements and studios themselves often have a showcase, Susan wanted to translate her idea into a competition. " I had been walking around with it for a while. Everything is getting stricter, for example with the NK Paalsport. I think this is a little stuffy and wanted to walk out of it. I was just looking for how. I used to look at TLC "Toddles and Tiara's" and saw that there's the price distribution per quality. A everywhere winner, a winner for hair&makeup ... This stuck to me and then I came up with this concept: a contest with freedom! It's not about the difficulty of the moves but about the execution and your story. This is how a beginner has as much chance as an advanced dancer. And dThat there is no regulation, you can also show all the stylen. "

Firelily Open Pole & Aerial competition Flexmonkey polewear paaldancing clothes poleshop

So how exactly is this going to be in his work?There are, of course, rules relating to safety, but there is much freedom.For example, the categories are not split into level. The paaldans category is divided by age. The aerial sports is divided by artform (aerial silk, aerial hopes and aerial hammock).It is a jury sport, so for a varied jury it ensures that the assessment goes as fair as possible.By category there are as many as 4 prizes to win:

  • The everywhere winner is the main winner of a category in which everything was right. When e looks at it, the whole picture is right, and you actually did it all.
  • The best story counter-Here we are looking at expression, is your message clear? Are you taking us into your dance and are we gonna feel with you?
  • The best Moves and creativity - Here we pay attention to the moves, are they neat and nicely finished, have you given a unique twist to them, is there a flow in them? Even if you've come up with amazing creations, that counts in this. It's not about the difficulty of the moves, it's whether you've made it your own.
  • The best hair & make up - do you stand out in your category? Do you jump out, fit your act and haven't saved any trouble?

Susan organised the first competition in 2017 from Firelily. Firelily open pole. After the first success, a second competition with an international touch followed in 2018 (the registrations were open to all countries). "This is the first year that besides aerial silks and aerial hope also aerial hammock has been added. I now give more than 9 years of aerial yoga and aerial fly/hammock. But i don't hear and see much of this. I also want to give people the opportunity to show their own flow." The unique thing about the Firelily Open pole & aerial competition is not only the aerial hammock category, but also the way the canvases are hung. The canvases hang at 5 meters and where you often see a three leg at other competites, Firelily works with free space to the top! That works in your advantage if you want to do drops or have long combinations.

Firelily Open Pole & Aerial competition Flexmonkey polewear paaldancing dress poleshop stage

What will the stage look like this edition? Susan's going to keep that a secret for a while. Did you get excited? You can still register!! Follow this link send an email to

Or, take a look at this studio in Deventer, for example at those Aerial Hammock lessons! Since last year, studio Firelily has been in a new location that offers more openness, such as a waiting room with windows so you can watch the lessons remotely. Useful for parents who have their child on the pole class. There is also a lot of natural light in the studio of 3.5 meters high. The grid can be found here:

paaldans & aerial studio Firelily Open Pole & Aerial competition Flexmonkey polewear paaldancing suit poleshop

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