Do nuts, get polefit!

Do nuts, get polefit!

With this slogan the duo Abigail and Loes doubters pull over the stripe to try paaldancing in the region of Den Bosch. You may know them from the NK Senior Doubles (Duo paalsport) where she was able to get the silver cup. At the beginning of this year, they opened their paaldance studio 'DONUTS POLEFIT' where they provide sporty lessons for adults and for kids. The interview with these two cheerful paaldancing addicts regularly ceases in a slay laugh. The two first look at each other before answering the question, chasing each other on stinging or reacting in accordance with almost as simultaneous as during their performance. It may be obvious: this duo is not only good at what they do, they also make it very cozy.

That conviviality stop Abigail and Loes in the name "Donuts Polefit"(do a crazy and touch pole-fit)And in their way of teaching.The name was invented when she was in the car sat on the way back from a game. " We love to eat and do crazy and then we came up with Donuts. Tasty and geckiness in 1. When we started a studio together a year later, the name was already coined. "They always teach together and find it important to have fun. They will also ensure that personal attention is given to any student in this way, and they have more influence to create a group feeling. "If a lesson is n' t cozy, you might as well go fitness."

Aiigail and Loes of DOnuts Polefit paaldance studio at flexmonkey polewear fun blog

The fact that these girls are more often on one line, they confirm by taking full harmony the name of their idol in full harmony: DINEKE. For the training of NK Paalsport, the duo has hired Dineke Minten as a coach. And that ' s to be seen in the progress the duo has made over the past. " We trained a lot but Dineke really pushed us to the extreme in a pleasant and fun way. Especially on finishing. She made us do things that we didn't expect we could do. In addition to coaching hours, we were able to get to her. Just like you're gonna get a girlfriend. "

Of course, the Flexmonkeys are eager to find out how this duo actually ended up in pole dancing. Loes tried paaldancing through a Groupon action. " Just to try. I don't have a sporting background, but I got hooked right away. I continued to train at Sportief Paaldances and there I met Abigail ". Abigail fills up: " I wanted to try out paaldans for a while and was at a point I wanted to meet new people. So, I went into a test lesson at Sportief. In September, it was three years ago. I've been working for turns and acro as a kid. After that, I've done a lot of running. The basis of strength and condition was already there. Paaldancing became my new sport. "

Donuts Polefit paaldance studio polesport duo Abigail and Loes flexmonkey poelwear blog

The question of how they have come to a duo ends up in a ping pong of jokes. " We were with a group of 3 or 4 that a click was with. Loes and I were the only one who increasingly and more wanted to train ". On which Loes complements; "So we were the only ones who stayed and sat together". "We had to do it with each other." You do notice that this duo has a lot of fun with each other. They soon decided to join together on duo pole competitions. They always had to rent a studio and travel far to be able to practice with a competition arrangement. If they were to start a studio themselves, that problem was solved. And so last summer came about the idea of starting a studio. And what one! Some 80 square meters with 6 poles of almost 4 meters high. That sounds like a real invitation.


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