A day full of workshops: the Flexmonkey winter special.

A day full of workshops: the Flexmonkey winter special.

Time for a nice day! In december you can use a day of sports in addition to all dinners. And what's more fun than a day of pole dancing, aerial hope and twerking? On December 19th, Flexmonkey hosts the ultimate workshop day. We start the day with a good warm - up of 30 minutes. A little loose, warm-up and basic stretch. Then there will be 4 fantastic workshops by three different instructors. Together no less than 6 hours of acrobatic activities!

Pole & twerk instructor @Kimberley_adc starts with super nice shapes wrapped in fat combinations. @Cai_polefit ensures that everyone, even without pole dancing experience, can participate in the workshop by making moves easier where necessary. Depending on current RIVM opinions, there will be or will not be spotted and the valmatten will not be missing. All necessary measures will be taken and everyone will be notified of this the week in advance.

Brandambassador @Demibrama is also there again and will show the aerial tricks that have given her the title World Champion Aerial hope. And of course she shows you what you can train to get there! Also during this workshop @Cai_polefit is present to make the techniques easier or needs additional explanations. In this way, the more experienced hope-ers can participate with Demi on a high level and at the same time there is enough attention for the beginners.

The day is concluded with a delicious flex & stretch workshop accompanied by Cai. Leave the acidification out of your muscles and provide deep relaxation after a rough day! The day is completely complete through the Flexmonkey pop up shop. You can shop Christmas presents for yourself or your pole buddie. ;)

You can specify for separate workshops,or all day. If you come all day there is a snack (mueslireep & banana) and a drink (bottle of water & pack of orange juice) waiting for you.

Part I
11: 00 Warming up
11: 30 Workshop 1: pole shapes by Kim
13: 00 Workshop 2: Hope Champion tricks by Demi
Part II
14: 30 Workshop 3: xmas twerk by Kim
16: 00 Workshop 4: flex & stretch by Cai
17: 15 Bye bye

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