Dancing as a way to get closer to your emotional world?

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Dancing as a way to get closer to your emotional world?

Are you ready for a voyage of discovery through your own world of experience? Do you want to learn to discover and dare to feel? Then the experimental dance form FREE FLOW that Simone Caroline Narraina teaches is for you! This dance form is based on the intuitive, of feeling the movement. Simone explains: "You learn dto gain insight into yourself by means of movement and to get more in touch with your feelings.Daring to feel can give liberation. Not so much the dance, but the fun, the openness and the discovery, is the core to a free feeling. By being curious and playfully experimenting with dance, you learn to look at yourself more consciously. To feel actually. This is what I am also doing in my daily life. "

That sounds promising. Almost therapeutic. While I interview Simone with my background as a psychologist, I notice many clues between psychology and the way in which Simone uses her dancing. The conversation proceeds as a peer consultation about various forms of treatment. I continue to listen to the Free Flow expert fascinated. "I always say: the body knows. I am an intuitive person and I am close to what I feel. I think about it a lot and try to express through dance what is going on in my body and mind at that moment. I guide people. to find their own way. I teach you to become aware of what movement does to you. What feels good and what doesn't. And that process requires an open mind. And practice. "

Intuitive dance form Free Flow by Simone Caroline Narraina Tilburg

A small piece of biography. Simone has followed various courses related to dance between the ages of 9 and 22. Her last education is that at theFontys Dance Academy in Tilburg. Missed during this trainingalbeit acrobatic. When she saw a flyer for a trial lesson in pole dancing, she was immediately attracted. "It also had something naughty. It seemed at odds with the world of the dance academy and that made me very curious. The trial lesson went quite easily and then I almost immediately set a pole myself. Discovering it myself went well, but I noticed certain techniques. I then started taking lessons at studio Aeris in Utrecht and learned most from Sandra (Father, owner of Studio Aeris). It didn't take long before I started teaching. "

For a while Simone has combined Free Flow with pole dancing and taught this form in her own dance studio 'de Tent' in Tilburg. She recently closed the doors with heart and soul, but she continues to teach. "My focus now moves more to individual sessions of Free Flow. In addition, I will continue to teach pole dancing, but only in the form of master classes and workshops. I will emphasize coming into contact with your feelings and self-reflection. Think of Exotic, Free Flow Pole workshops or how you can bring your choreography to life with these intuitive and insightful tools. Handy if you are working on a competition. "

The environment that is created is very important for a Free Flow session. In order to be able and dare to come into contact with your feelings, a certain experience of safety is required.The teaching method Simone uses is therefore very personal."I do everything I can to encourage students to feel free to experiment. I did this in the Tent by providing an environment in which I also feel at home: a carpet on the floor, picture frame on the wall, a booklet in which you can share an experience. And also for example by readying tea and a well-filled cookie jar. When I wanted to grab a cookie myself at the opening of a new studio day and get it wrong, I was glad that people felt free enough to rummage in the drum. I want people to feel free to do things like that."

Simone herself is still in her journey of discovery. Because of her intuitive personality and ever-present curiosity, she will never stop.During her trip she hopes to attract a target group suitable for her institution of life and is open to her own journey of discovery.She is already looking forward to her new path: more time for intuitive and less busy running her own dance studio. She will also revive her somewhat dusted passion of writing. This is how she willshare work in blogs and writing stories with insightful morality. Who knows what we can read from her in the coming period!

So promising all her new plans. A good reason to follow her through Instagram/Instagram Or Facebook.

Free flow intuitive dance by Simone Caroline Narraina 

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