Flexmonkey; fun in sports!

Flexmonkey; fun in sports!

Flexmonkey is much more than just a brand. It stands for fun, with each other and in sport. The name itself 'Flexmonkey' says enough. It acts as playful and has a cheerful tone. It's tough and lively. Just like the girls who made this event a success! The participants came from all over the Netherlands and have different backgrounds. A very nice mix of, among others, stuttering girls, girls with a business of their own, a teacher, a hairdreser, and other fun professions. This mix provided an open atmosphere in which everyone dared to practice with things that they had not done before. For example, in an 'aerial hope' hang, or in a dance language.

Flexmonkey is there for álle sports. Not only fitness, cardio or strength training, but also for acrobatics, and everything in between. Flexmonkey breaks down with stereotypes that yoga is only for hippies, ballet for tuples and pole dancing for strippers. The Flexmonkey events are putting new sports in the spotlights. And you can have a lot of fun with that! Aerial Hoop has been in the Netherlands for a long time and is increasingly being given in dance schools. Just good! Look how elegant and graceful it looks!

Flexmonkey wants to take pleasure in sports, both with her clothing and with her events. That can be done by doing it together, discovering new sports, wearing fun clothes and motivating each other to be especially dúrven. Our motto is: fun in sport! That applies to any sport; be proud and have fun!












The first Flexmonkey event was then also a successful weekend. A nice group of girls, a cozy atmosphere, and lots of sports; a 'barre-workout' (based on ballet exercises), a paaldancing workshop, different yoga sessions and an aerial hope experience. What more do you need?

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