Flexmonkey release Party!

Flexmonkey release Party!

Flexmonkey is thrilled that the first design is finally a fact! She will be happy to let you enjoy during the Flexmonkey Release Parties, scheduled for January 2017.

The designer Cai (Carlijn Sanders) hopes to make many dancers happy with her sporty playful pole dances. She would prefer to give everyone the chance to customize such a beautiful set, before they make their choice for their favourite. That's why she's holding Release parties. A fun afternoon where everyone is welcome to meet Cai, have a chat, and fit in without obligation. If you decide to have a set that day, it will save the shipping costs. But you also get a 5euros discount on the set price that day! That will soon save you 10 euros. If you only want a top or a pair of shorts, you can do that.

And where can the Release Party be held better than at dance school Chalans? Cai owes a lot to the chalans dance school. For example, it hasher training as a pole dance and aerial instructor. And does she still work met have fun at the Chalans branch in Amsterdam!

Where & when?

On Sunday 14 January Flexmonkey will be present during the opening of the Den Bosch. It promises to be a fun day with several (free) workshops! The full programme can be found Here.


On Sunday 22 January, Flexmonkey Breda, and everyone is welcome from 12:30 pm. At 13:00 you can follow a workshop Lyrical Pole, with a break from 14:30h - 15:00h. At 15:00 there will be a workshop Aerial Hope. For this workshop there is a special rate of only 15 euros and you can register via the links below.Of course you can just drop by to fit the clothes! 

Also in Amsterdam can be fitted! On Sunday 28 January there is a warm welcome from 13:00 and the aerial hoop lessons can be held. The first lesson starts at 14.30 and is suitable for beginners. The second lesson starts at 15.30h and there you learn aerial flow (little experience is useful). A test lesson is only 10th and you can give up by sending an email to amsterdam@chalans.nl, or via the links below. Score that discount and come too!



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