Who photobombs Demi Brama during the preparation of the Flexmonkey EMBRACE challenge?

Who photobombs Demi Brama during the preparation of the Flexmonkey EMBRACE challenge?

A photobomber, the limp laugh, staying over the back and not getting out of the knot anymore. It is all part of the preparations that were made last week for Flexmonkey’s EMBRACE challenge that will start next Monday. The month of June is in the sign of: embraces!

The Slim laugh while preparing the yoga challenge with flexmonkey pale axis axis and Demi Brama

Because we can't hug each other for a while, this challenge comes with 20 poses in which you give yourself an embrace. Good for your balance and for your mood! The challenge consists mainly of floorshapes and closes each working week with a poleshape. Demi Brama has done all the poses for you. During the photo shoot, the adaptability and laughing muscles were trained mainly!

Not everything ran as expected. The smallest visitor to studio Acrobatic Dreams regularly walked through the image. Of course to get hugs from Demi. Boris is one of the most loyal Flexmonkey supporters, a transrace identifying as a true Doberman. That little smarter knew exactly what the challenge is all about. And he's had a lot of scrubs.

the photobomber of Demi Brama's floorshape during the flexmonkey_polewear pole dance photo shoot

What was still most surprising was that the "simple" moves often took the longest. The balance was far to be found, and Demi seemed like a little tumblebird. At least it made sure the jaws and belly got a good workout, for regularly everyone shot in the limp laugh. That laugh was alternated by surprise if Demi took the most impossible forms without losing a drop of sweat. Often, 2 or 3 other shapes resulted. No lack of creativity at this top athlete.

At the right time taking the picture was also a good challenge. Then Demi was folded into a new pretzel by her mother's help and floop! there the move unfolded again. Or, then a shape was tried for minutes. And not the moment the camera is on the floor, Demi folds into it without effort. As if she was fooling everyone;)

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Demi is folded into a yoga shape during the Flexmonkey polewear Embrace challenge

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