Who are you voting for?

Who are you voting for?

The best graffiti sports photos!
The month of July was all about graffiti sports poses and that resulted in nice snaps. Take a good look at the pictures below. Who's your favorite? Who has the most beautiful graffiti background? And who's the best pose? All in all, who, according to you, deserves the Sportacious flower top?


Photo No 1 Sandra Smith
"Because I just love Flexmonkey tops super"

Photo No 2 Gabusia Swat
"Hmm because I love pole dancing"

Photo No 3 Mariska Janssen

"Because I would like to experience what it feels like to be a real
flexmonkey to pole dancing"

Photo No 4 Poledancepocahontas

" I love the flower top and if I win, I give the top away to
someone who is not yet familiar with this fat brand"

Photo No 5 Anneleen Freriksen
"Because with the Sportacious Flower Top I
style can defy"

Photo No 6 Fabienne de Jongh 
"Because I'm happy with those nice colors, which makes my

workout gets even better"

Photo No 7 Sabrina Poleproficiency
"Because I always help everyone in the pole dance world and this something

nice is to get back for it"

Photo No 8 Kim van der Poel

"Improving all hands teeth. Of course I can get into such a beautiful
flowertop stay longer"
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  • Froukje van Eenbergen

    Nummer 5!!!

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