The quarantine package for pole dancers to sit out the Corona virus at home.

The quarantine package for pole dancers to sit out the Corona virus at home.

How? By bringing your pole of aerial studio in and following the big online congress of Get Fit & Pole (free in the week of March 22 through March 29, 2020). Let those online messages deliver for the whole week and provide adequate grip. But watch out! This convention offers so many educational tutorials and lesson videos, that you may want to lock yourself up for much longer.

GET FIT & POLE is an online package for your personal pole development. Even though you are complete newbie, you have never done to pole dances or you already intermediate poler, this package gives a feel-good-pole pack full of wisdom! And, it's super nicely shaped in convenient tutorials. All knowledge comes to you in videos!

Experienced pole-queens around the world are working together to offer you their knowledge. They combine different disciplines (pole, gymnastics, ballet, modern dance, contortion...) and have been teaching for years, doing high-level competitions and traveling around the world to provide private lessons, workshops and polecamps. Now you have the chance to take all their knowledge to you, and that again, FREE. In one word, WHAT!

What? The online congress lasts as many as 8 days. Ideal with the current quarantine stand and Corona threat. Lock yourself up for 8 days, now finally buy yourself that dance pole for home and get started this week to refine your pole-skills.


- Brit Bloem
- Colleen Jolly
- Heidi Coker
- Jax Spencer
- Julia Pengler
- Mona Arbinger
- Rika Torres
- Stefanie Eroglu
- Stephanie Tallant
- Veeniz
- Vlada Zhizhchenko

Gastheren: Christine Stein & Stefanie Eroglu

poledancer Britt Bloem and free poledance tutorials flexmonkey polewear


You receive several warming ups, workouts, stretch sessions, and a variety of lesson videos at beginners or intermediate level. In addition, there are interviews with the pole-queens, general pole dance knowledge is shared and receives a buildup for a 4-week or 12-week training plan. Did we say WAUW?

When do you choose beginners level? If you're a complete newbie, you'll find everything you need here to start the Easter sports. If you choose intermediate, you receive new combos, tips, inspiration, and the personal stories of fantastic paletan talents.

What to do?

1) Follow this link Starting March 22, you can take the congress here online, free of charge.

2) After the congress, the content remains free to view for another week. After this, you have the opportunity to purchase lifelong access for half the price.

3) Besides having lifelong access to the complete content with all super educational tutorials and lesson videos, you also support the purchase of Get Fit & Pole.

Is March 22nd taking you too long? Then join the "Quarantaine Pole Challenge" on Instagram hosted by @jessicapolepixies and @polepixie.ine in collaboration with @Flexmonkey_polewear. You can win some fun prizes with this too! More information? Keep an eye on Instagram!

poledancer Heidi Coker and free poledance tutorials flexmonkey polewear poledancer Jax Spencer and free poledance tutorials flexmonkey polewear
poledancer Mona Arbinger and free poledance tutorials flexmonkey polewear poledancer Stefanie Eroglu and free poledance tutorials flexmonkey polewear

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