Lots of fun during the first Flexmonkey KIDS event!

Lots of fun during the first Flexmonkey KIDS event!

A day full of sports and fun in the Brabantse 's-Gravenmoer. In a wonderful sun, the youngest athletes of the Netherlands have shown that they are at home in all markets: pole dancing, aerial hope, balancing tricks (put together without the pole!) and flexibility exercises. These girls between the ages of 8 and 16 have shown that you are never too young to fold yourself double. Unbelievable what a flexy lexy's.

Polesplit splits kidspole balancingtrick kids event pole dance camp kids Flexmonkey polewear

The pivots and spa holes were performed as if they were about to get out of bed. To be honest I think most of these top players get out of bed with a flic flac ;p It was the first time Flexmonkey organised a KIDS event and that's so good that we'll do this every year.

Pole dance camp for children pole dance workshop aerial hope workshop Flexmonkey polewear kids event

workshop poledance and flexibility by Demi Brama balancingtrick kids event pole dance camp children Flexmonkey polewear

The day started with a workshop pole dancing by Demi Brama and in doing so the young monkies showed that they are not afraid of anything. Also, there were several challenging balance exercises in which the monkies worked not only themselves in impossible poses, but also each other. So they could put the superman and the flag without a pole, but in each other!

Superman acro yoga balancing trick kids event pole dance camp kids Flexmonkey polewear

Demi Brama poledance workshop at the flexmonkey kids event polewear pole dance dress pole dance camp

aerial hope lyra workshop kids event pole dance camp kids Flexmonkey polewear Janne Jacobs

In the pictures it can already be seen, thanks to a more than 100 year old walnut tree there could be plenty of hope-ed. The kids could imitate pretty much anything instantly. It yielded beautiful poses. The instructors Demi and Cai made sure that everyone learned nice new things in the pole and in the hope. It was very cute to see those girls chasing Demi's (beautiful new Fantasy Jaguar) pants and hanging from her lips when she explained something. Then they all hung on her legs and arms during the balancing tricks and also in the hope. Because why sit in an Aerial heap on your own when you can all climb into it?

Aerial hope lessons for kids kids event felxmonkey polewear workshop day

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