Flexmonkey summer event 2017: cozy, surprising and full of effort!

2017, summer event -

Flexmonkey summer event 2017: cozy, surprising and full of effort!

Those are the keywords that best describe the 2017 Flexmonkey summer event. Thanks in part to guest instructrice Amanda Daniëlla and the participants, it was once again a very successful weekend full of tight workouts, new routines and monkey fun, of course.

flexmonkey zomerevenement 2017 acro yoga paaldanskamp flexmonkey zomerevenement 2017 luchthoopkamp workshop The Netherlands' cozyest pole dance camp with aerial hope! flexmonkey summer event

For many it was the first time in the Luchthop and instructrice Cai has taken this into account. Thus, everyone could develop a beautiful new skill. For the more advanced, the techniques had been shot a lot more spicy. Both groups have shown that pole dancing exercises give a great advantage in aerial hope. Because you are familiar with different techniques, you have easier to take attitudes in the hopes. Also, your strength is often better developed by pole dancing. Only the wrists and hands often have a hard time to endure. And yes, here too, you're getting bruises!
 Warrior aerial hoop pose on the Netherlands's funniest event: Flexmonkey paaldans- acro yoga and aerial hoop event Aerial hope camp workshop Breda eo brabant Netherlands cozyest aerial hope workshop of the Netherlands by flexmonkey sport 

The pole dance workshop also happened on its own level. Under Amanda's good guidance, everyone got the challenge they were looking for. The time of the workshop was extended because there were so many fun new moves to learn!

funniest workshops pole dances of the Netherlands by flexmonkey sport fat duo polemove at the Netherlands's nicest pole dancing camp: Flexmonkey summer event best pole dance camp ever Flexmonkey summer event

Also, there was the possibility of creating own combis and practicing photo-moves. The photographer was almost unable to keep up with it and shot very nice pictures.

beautiful jade in pink diamond polewear of flexmonkey  martini sit paaldanskamp Nederland flexmonkey zomerevenement

In the evenings, the people of the country are satisfied and cozy with all of them. BBQ,not only nice but also charging the body. After the BBQ, the necessary entertainment was provided by the Poledancing Dino. Dino chose to try something new this time and that yielded hilarious moments in the aerial hope!

poledancing dino op Flexmonkey zomerevenement in luchthoop acro yoga fun on the flexmonkey summer event paaldanskamp aerial hoop camp  group photo of the flexmonkey summer event paaldanskamp aerial hoop camp

in the morning everyone was provided with a delicious balanced breakfast, healthy and full of proteins, for a good start and boost the muscles. Using the stretch and core exercises of the pilates class were all muscle groups well prepared for the acro yoga De praktijk is perfect.

nutritious and cozy breakfast during the flexmonkey summer event group workshop pilates at the flexmonkey summer event
the most fun acro yoga workshop in the Netherlands at the flexmonkey summer event the most fun acro yoga workshop in the Netherlands at the flexmonkey paldan camp

To recall all efforts, experiences and monkey fun has photographerBlanka Delis all recorded for us and collected in a beautiful album, which you here can see in.

The summer event for 2018 is already scheduled! Because of the many applications, we've made two weekends of it. You can find these on facebook, or in the blog about 2018 (click here).


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  • Mieke lens

    Ik zou graag willen weten in welke stad dit kamp is.
    Het ziet er super uit
    Ik zou graag meer informatie willen
    Groetjes mieke

  • kit

    ziet er leuk en gezellig uit, veel geleerd zo te zien uit. Mooie foto’s ook.

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