The secret behind Flexmonkey's photo shoot

The secret behind Flexmonkey's photo shoot

Flexmonkeys never sit still and you can see that in the pictures! Athletic poses and flexibility to take on yourgoal-listextend it. Some poses are so athletic that they look unrealistic. Nothing could be further from the truth! Ladies of Dutch soil who show the Dutch brand Flexmonkey in full glory. We are proud to show a sneak preview of the results. And, we'll reveal the secret behind the shoot!

The shoot was taken between the showers. It was a bit of a go-ahead thing, but the models worked their way through that little bit of rain like real fitdutchies. With fruit, sandwiches and juices to supplement the energy meter, a number of hours have been photographed non-stop. The models alternated and came together to achieve the best result. "Point! Point!" "More stretching!!" "Something holler""Now!!!" were much heard cries that afternoon. The secret behind the great photos? You can see that in the video. Every once in a while, you just have to lend a hand.

Amanda DaniellaDineke MintenBix BrothersAndCai Janssenstand here a day model. Thanks ladies! Also a day model?Soon the new Felicity design and we are still looking for photogenic monkeys. Are you who we're looking for?? Send an email to with three photos: one on which your face can be clearly seen, one of yours in total, and one of your arts. We'd love to see you! 

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