The best idea for a girlfriend's weekend, bachelor party or team outing: a workshop Aerial Hoop!

The best idea for a girlfriend's weekend, bachelor party or team outing: a workshop Aerial Hoop!

Do you think it's so hard to figure out what kind of fun you can do with your friends now? Flexmonkey comes up with the solution! You can book fun and active activities with us very easily. The level is dependent on the desire. From beginners to advanced we give workshops Paaldancing, Aerial Hoop, Acro-yoga, hand balancing, gymnastics and flexyness.

For example, a workshop Aerial Hoop by one of our experienced hopes of instructors. This can be done in different locations, both inside and outside. Also a dance studio can book these aerial workshops! We offer a workshop Aerial Hoop for beginners, and a workshop Aerial Flow, for the more advanced.

aerial hope workshops Netherlands brabant North Holland Utrecht. photocredit LeonHofenk  Aerial hope workshops Breda eo Brabant Utrecht Noord-Holland Netherlands. Fotocredit LeonHofenk

Aerial hope is acrobatic and gracious. Outside of that it ' s fun to do, build up your muscle power, learn to keep your balance and increase the flexibility in shoulders, back and legs. The workshop starts with a good warming up. The concentration is in the area between the shoulders. You will learn to reduce the risk of injury by getting you to take strength out of your shoulders. This is how you learn what 'active' shoulders are and learn to take the movement deeper out of your shoulders.

During the workshop for beginners you learn graceful movements and powerful poses. Feel free and learn different ways to get the hope. In addition, you learn techniques in which you are subject to hope and in hope. Depending on the level, some moves can be learned above in the hope. There is specific attention for the individual during the workshop and each pupil gets the techniques explained at his or her level. Maximum 3 participants per hope.

 Nice idea for a girlfriend's weekend or bachelorfest: aerial workshop. Each location is possible. photocredit leonhofenk Aerial hope workshops Breda eo brabant Netherlands. Fotocredit LeonHofenk

During the Aerial FLOW workshop you learn to transfer graceful movements and powerful poses to each other. The great thing about this workshop is that you will not only be able to properly explain the techniques, but also learn how to tie them together. You learn to move fluently in the hope, which makes it easy to see what it's like. Ideal for if you want to make an aerial choreography or a dance for a competition. But also just for fun of course. You take advantage of most of this workshop when you can get in and out of the lot independently and control the skin-the-cat technique (please feel free to email us). The advantage of this workshop? We work in small groups so there is good guidance and attention for every individual in the les. Up to 2 participants per hope. 

A workshop takes 1.5 hours and starts from 6 people. Cost p.p. are 25,-e, excluding travel expenses and travel time. Do you want us to take care of a studio? You can do that. We'd like to consult with you. For questions and information, please mail to .

aerail hope workshop camp brabant breda tilburg den bosch england 

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