The best pole dance camp in Portugal; Pole 'n Holidays!

The best pole dance camp in Portugal; Pole 'n Holidays!

Pole 'n Co holidays organizes an active and sunny dance camp in the Algarve in Portugal. With a total of 4 internships and up to 8 participants, personal feedback from the guest instructor has been provided. Flexmonkey wants to be a part of that!

At the end of August Flexmonkey packs her bags to stay for two weeks in the beautiful Portuguese region of Algave. Flexmonkey is proud to be the main sponsor of the Pole 'n Co pole dance camp 2017. This camp stands out because it is a full week and has remained affordable compared to other dance camps. Because of the small group and two instructors it promises to be a pleasant week. Who are the guest lecturers?

week 1: Sandrine Taravel (see Video) on Instagram @SandrinePoledance.

Guest poleinstructor Sandrin Taravel

and week 2: Dineke Minten (see Video) on Instagram @Dineke_Poleartist.

Guest pole dance instructor Dineke Minten week 2 pole dance camp Pole 'n Co Portugal

Flexmonkey brightens things up with her colorful polewear and leggings. But also the necessary grips and accessories will not be missing. We're working hard to get the new designs done and who knows... are they there!

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