How fair is the 'Athlete of the Year' election going?

How fair is the 'Athlete of the Year' election going?

You can vote for your favorite pole athlete again! Last year, voting was simple on the principle of 'who gets the most votes'. As feedback on this method it was considered that it looked very much like a popularity contest. Whoever has the most followers on social media would most likely win. While that doesn't say anything about how the athlete has committed to pole sport. This year Paalsport Bond Nederland has therefore adapted the process and besides voting, a committee has also been set up. This committee examines the role of the athlete in the sport. This is how we look at how someone has committed to pole sport last year. For example, by asking which events or charity performances the athlete has supported. We will also look at how the athlete wants to help the pole sport in the future. In short, a better picture is being mapped out why a certain athlete deserves to win the 'Athlete of the Year' (AvhJ) award.

The Members of the Commission shall consist of
- The board of Paalsport Bond Nederlans (PBN, see photo) 
- As a representative of the male athletes, GianMarco Stefanelli
- As a representative of the youth athletes, Fem Burghouts
- As representatives for the female athletes, Eva Oerlemans and Esther Verheijen
- As a representative of the Quality and Safety Committee, Cynthia Reith
- As a representative of the NK Committee, Jessica van Ginneken
- As a representative for Aerial Hope, Corpus Acrobatus, Vincent Michels and Marley Eltz
- On behalf of Flexmonkey, the gold sponsor, Cai

The athletes who have registered for the NK Paalsport receive a questionnaire and by returning that questionnaire someone qualifies for a nomination. That way, an athlete can decide for himself whether he wants to compete for the award. So you can vote for any athlete who has registered, but it also depends on the athlete who has completed the questionnaire. The committee members shall review the answers that have been anonymised. So the committee does not see the name of the athlete! And in this way can more objectively assess the value of the answers, without being distracted by the image that someone has about the athlete. It's quite a process and it's going to take some time. And that's what the committee likes to do. Everything for the pole sport!

You can still vote. Click on the photo and choose your favorite.

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