How do paaldans & aerial studios deal with this period of closure?

How do paaldans & aerial studios deal with this period of closure?

A studio is not only a place to sport well, but also a place to join with the girls (and some gentlemen) among themselves for a busy and stressful day. Blowing off steam, putting a heart under the belt, getting motivated, and feeling supported. A paaldance studio is often like a tight-knit family. What do you think you can't see your family for a few weeks?

Not only for members, but also for the small entrepreneur and the many ZPP ' ers, this measure will cut off quite a lot. Both financially and emotionally. Flexmonkey went on (safely digital) research across the country to ask different studio ownaresses how they deal with this period of closure. And we are pleased that we have done that. With light gloom we went into the talks and full of hope and inspiration we came out! So, what's going to be a lot of creativity, love and compassion in our little paal dance world? Flexmonkey therefore hopes that this blog inspires and motivates, so that we can continue to be positive now that so many profound things are happening that we have very little impact on. What we can influence, is how we deal with it and how we support each other.

How do studios go around with the closure? For most studios, the closure turns out to be no surprise and as sober as 'we paal dancers', there was already a long way to go for the closure in solutions: online teaching, setting video lessons, asking for input to learn...there are many alternatives for teaching in the studio!

Studio ADC is coming up with STUDIO ADC ONLINE, a closed facebook group where live lessons can be tracked. Owner Amanda told about this. " In times of need, the most creative ideas come to light! It seemed to me much longer to also give lessons online, especially since a large proportion of my students are living on more than 45 minutes. This would be a nice addition. Now I am forced to do this much sooner and it seems, after the first evening, really a success and super fun. I recommend it! "

Studios Sweetlake-pda, FitMiddelburg and Paaldance studio Wehl are also going to take care of online lessons. Ezi from Sweetlake pda finds it especially troublesome that she ' s now so much inside. " I sport several times a day and find it tricky that now nothing can or should be according to the law. I am trying to offer as many live online trainings as possible and would like to connect with students and other interested people. I find it an exciting period for everyone and try to stay positive ". Marieke van FitMiddelburg is very sober among and does what has to be to help in this crisis. " It's not about me anymore, it's about all the Dutch. Actually, it was n' t such a big adjustment because I ' d already expected the closure. And fortunately, the first online lesson is super enthusiastic received by my students. I also have enrollments of people who don't play with me yet. That is, of course, super fun ".

The online offer is also received by Sandra in Wehl. " In addition, we are making use of the closure to look at what we can improve in the studio. We are looking at the possibility of putting higher posts in it. If that succeeds, that would be fantastic for if we open up again ".

In addition to an online offer and possible remodeling, there are also studios that arrive with pre-recorded lessons. The great thing about this is that you decide on your own time and you can repeat it as often as you like. For example, Tirsa Artistic comes with a package of pre-recorded lessons. Tirsa indicates that she and her entire team have been braked about these replacement lessons. Her creative instructresses already have a power marathon of a week, a stretch workout and a handstand lesson included. And I'm sure it's not going to be there.

Polemoves Hilversum also includes workout videos and has in the meantime already shared a described workout plan via facebook. This plan will always be innovative. Also, Mandy-Lee of Polemoves indicates that there will be a party week as soon as they open again with extra lessons to get in.

For the time being we see above all lessons on the programme where no pole is needed, but different studios are already peaking at how many people have a pole at home and want paaldancing lessons online. Marieke-FitMiddelburg: " I hope that the digital lessons will run nicely and that there will be paaldancing lessons. In this way the inhaallssen will soon be overseen ". It is obvious that pole dancers are solution-oriented and put their shoulders under it!

How do you take care of involvement with your members?" Communication, openness, honesty and symphation is very important is this situation. And, of course, ask as many fun ideas and input as possible. Not just from your team, including your members. For each other and with each other, we ' re going to come up with solutions that help us through this, " says Amanda (studio ADC).

How do the members respond? " So sweet! Everyone helps, appt & asks how it goes. I have never felt so connected to anyone " Amanda-Studio ADC. She is very grateful for the understanding. Also the other studios receive positive responses to the online lesson offer and feel supported. Because these messages did us so well, we want to share all the answers with you.

" They ' re all reacting so far all very sweet. They've been committed. It is a difficult time for everyone. We have to go through it together " Tirsa -Tirsa Artistic.

" Everyone is very compassionate and find it horrible that this has to be. Fortunately, we have support from everyone and especially from my team (canjers are💕) " Sandra-Paaldansstudio Wehl.

" Family, friends and pupils, really everyone lives with. Many are in the same boat. A lot of my friends and family work as a self-employed person, so we understand each other. Let us hope that this situation is quickly under control and that we will all remain healthy " Marieke-Fit Middelburg.

Of course, it is not just positive. What ' s the impact of having to shut down the studio?

The closing of the studio means no more workshops, no more or less lessons, the need to resist events such as competitions and paaldanes ... it all brings up extra costs. The rent should just be paid and that while not sure how much is coming in. The Members have a great influence on this. Tirsa-Tirsa Artistic explains: " The sale of 10-fare cards and courses is to be quiet, so impact can be felt anyway. In addition, it is very exciting because if everyone decides to cancel their subscription, then it is so ready for many studios. The uncertainty when we open up again doesn't make the plans any easier. " Amanda-Studio ADC, adds: "Staff are totally or partially without work, 9 workshops should be moved in 3 weekends, it all costs a lot of money".

And what about games that have to be resisted or markets that do n' t go through? Flexmonkey itself notes a wrap in market and sponsor activities. That, of course, is much worse for the organisers, such as studio Firelily who would host a competition on April 5. Susan from studio Firelily: " with pain in the heart I have had to cancel Firelily open pole. There has been more than a year of work in it, prices are already finished with the date engraved in it, costs of rent and other cases have already been paid. In addition, I have felt very encumbered in bringing this bad news to the participants. Everyone has worked so hard for it and now it ca n' t go on. The disappointment is great. The uncertainty, too. No one can tell us when we can get together again in groups. As an organization we are going to do our best to make this new edition extra special. For now, it is important for us to continue to support each other. "

And in practice? In the first 2 lessons from the ADC online (bootcamp and extreme stretch), Flexmonkey was present on Monday 16 March (not yet a day after the decision to close gyms) and is of the opinion that online teaching is very tasty once and for all! You don't have to leave the door, no travel time, wonderfully anonymous. Certainly at this time an outcome to be able to experience a feeling of being together and contact, if it is digital, to maintain it with your paal dance family.

For all the pole & aerial families 'out there': we wish you strength and health in order to get through this difficult situation as best we can. We hope that you will find support in each other and by the creative adaptations of the aforementioned studios sportiously come through the quarantine period.

Here, Amanda, owner of Studio ADC, adds:
" Very good luck to all the other studios! We're getting stronger here. It saves a few hours of sleep because of the tension, but we can do this. Let ' s get new, fun lessons and ideas out here ".

And this is how the pole community in the Netherlands is going to deal with each other in these bizarre times. In the coming period, Flexmonkey interviews even more studios and will continue to share about solutions that are being devised. If you want to share something yourself about a particular approach, you can contact us via Together we stand strong!

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