Innovation in pole-and-line dancing: the GYMPOLE traineeship

Innovation in pole-and-line dancing: the GYMPOLE traineeship

Innovative technique of the Gympole pole-dancing traineeship provides a 100% safe and easy to handle polestage. The materials are of high quality and close seamlessly together. Especially for studio owners and poleperformers this stage is an absolute top of the purchase. Sustainable quality, increased stability and less risk of wear and damage, an investment for life.

Gympole is convinced of the innovative technique and guaranteed lifelong service. All parts can be replaced separately if necessary. Once a purchase, life-long dance pleasure at any desired location. Read more about this innovative pole dance stage!

The advantages of this pole dancing medium are :
- oneclick system (durable and easy!)
- high degree of stability
- easy change static to spinning
- higher than traditional stages (3.16 metres!)
- less wear and tear sensitive connecting points
- no excellent soil components

- new technique to firmly connect pole from pieces
- wide dance range, suitable for acrobatics
- easy to transport by base with wheels
- all parts can be ordered and replaced separately
- set up in 3 minutes

The basis of this stage is only 9.6 cm high and 185 cm wide. Support irons are not necessary, so you don't have to worry anymore about stumbling or stuffing your toe to the clumsy stabilization beams among other internships.The dance Genot is optimized and the limits of a stage are reduced. No more support bars and a higher pole! With an altitude of 3.16 meters there is more space for acrobatics.

The oneclick system that has this internship to put the dance pole from static to spinning is ideal. It's very easy and you don't need tools for it. With 1 click (a disk that you click down or up) the change is made. The disk is safely under the cover and prevents you from hitting it. The system is unique and hardly susceptible to wear and tear. No more trouble with a set of keys, twisted or attached screws. Just 1 Click and you can go wild on a spinning pool train. Now you can easily change from static to spinning pole even during a performance or show!

The High Dance Pole is assembled in two parts thanks to the super safe and tested technique of the innovative Gympole joint. No more screws here either! The gympole polejoint prevents the parts from exerting pressure on each other, thus making a stuck pole part a thing of the past. This also prevents the pole from being damaged or the sub-parts from breaking. The dance pole is always easy to disassemble by using the special Gympole wedge and "hammer." The gympole system is 100% safe and easy to use.

You want to try the stage first? You can! On 29 July 2017, Flexmonkey will hold a demonstration of 11.30-12.30 in Brabant, near Breda. It shows how to set up the internship and there is room to make a test spin. It is necessary and can be done by specific information is sent after registration. We hope to see you then!

Are you indisposed July 29th? No problem. You can rent the internship for a day. After rental you will also receive a 100 euro discount on the purchase of a Gympole pole dance! E-Mail us and we're happy to help you out.

Technical details

  • 45mm pole diameter
  • Stainless steel polished for best grip
  • 3,165 M total height
  • 9.6 cm height of base
  • 184cm wide or widest point, 160cm at narrowest point
  • 44kg weight of base with mobile plate on wheels
  • 2x24 kg weight of floorboards (2x a carrying bag with floorboards))
  • 17kg weight of sub-frames (iron beams under floor))
  • 13kg weight of pole


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