Paalsport positive in the news due to the IPSF World Pole Sport Championships 2018 in Tarragona Spain. Flexmonkey polewear was there!

Paalsport positive in the news due to the IPSF World Pole Sport Championships 2018 in Tarragona Spain. Flexmonkey polewear was there!

You cannot have escaped the fact that since the World Championships in Paalsport in Spain last month, there has been a considerable stream of media attention focused on Paalsport. And hooray, hooray! The messages are now really about sport and contribute to creating a positive and sporting image of pole dancing!

Dineke Minten, the new world champion Ultra pole, was visited by Arie Boonsma (he stood on her human flag and Dineke could easily keep him tight) for his entry on the pole sport and the champion Ultra Pole (RTL Boulevarda really nice piece)Yeah. She was also invited to Jinek. In the last program she laughingly tells the hilarious story that she got stuck in the bathroom just before she had to get up. Before the World Cup started, it camethe family Brama (of Demi Brama who second placeIn Artistic Pole on conquered) positive news came to Heart of the Netherlands. Here you see the 15-year-old world star as a modest girl with extraordinary talent. In addition, a (photo) book about her will soon be published (crowdfunding project)With all this media attention, the Netherlands is finally beginning to understand: PaaldDancing is a sport.

According to Arie Boomsma, pole dancing is the fastest growing sport worldwide. The figures from the International Pole Sport Federation (IPSF) support this statement. In fact, there is adoubling, and sometimes tripling, the number of participants in the national championships. This growth spurt in the number of pole athletes provides for enhanced qualification requirements (see here(b) In spite of this rigorous selection procedure, the Netherlands stood up with a large team of pole athletesthe IPSF World Polesports Championship (14 to 16 July 2018, Tarragona).

The Dutch team consists of: Dineke Minten, Belinda van Ommen, Suzy Niamut & Dieuwke Hupkes, Eva Oerlemans & Esther Verheijen, Nick la Gije & Gianmarco Stefanelli, Floortje Rodermans, Monica Hernandez Zamora, Monica van Beek, Demi Brama, Zoe Timmermans, Janne Jacobs and Katja van Houts (pole sports), Demi Brama, Juul de Metz & Nooki Berhitoe and Maud Rietbroek (Artistic Pole), Zoe Timmermans and Dineke Minten (Ultra P)oil). As you can see, some athletes themselves are in two categories.Flexmonkey was present as a supporter of orange and met the athletes during the few moments of rest they had on the beach or on the small square of the congress center where the games took place. It was nice to note that Dutch sobriety was present to a large extent. There were also family and friends of the athletes and that caused a lot of applause and cheering after the end of the Dutch performances. Regarding the volume we certainly did not fall for the Spanish supporters. In addition, some banners have been spotted and this has helped Maud Rietbroek well! She went home with gold for Artistic pole women. Demi Brama won silver in the same pole sports for the young girls. In addition, Dutch men brought Nick and Gianmarco (Doubles men) and Dineke (Ultra Pole) back a gold medal. Zoe won a fourth place for Polesports youth girls and was also in the quarter finals of Ultra Pole. We accidentally left a memorable impression on little frog country!

Ultra Pole champion Dineke Minten Flexmonkey polewear at the world polesports championships 2018 Tarragona      The Dutch team of pole athletes during the World Championships Paalsport in Tarragona Spain 2018

Also for the FlexmonkeysThis was a World Cup to remember. We met a personal idol: four-time World Champion Oona Kivele. With funny and interesting stories about the Dutch Iceman and his breathing techniques Oona also gave very good tips to improve your eyelid formation. You can read this in another blog by Flexmonkey;)

  Flexmonkey polewear during IPSF world polesport championships on training shop Oona Kivela K. and Flexmonkey polewear at the IPSF World Pole Sports Championship 2018 Tarragona Flexmonkey Paalsport World Championship Polesport 2018

In addition to many special encounters with athletes from other countries, Flexmonkey also produced her new print: the Fantasy Jaguar. That was very exciting because the package with the new clothes was not passed on by Spanish customs and we were able to receive the package literally on the first day of the championship. The fact that the print fell into the flavor is clear from the empty suitcase we took back home. But, not sad, we expect to be able to publish the new print in the Netherlands this week too!

Demi Brama in the new print of flexmonkey polewear Fantasy Jaguar print pole dress

Fortunately, the Flexmonkeys were also able to see some of the performances. Like Zoe Timmermans. Her movements were beautifully finished and she held on to her techniques for a long time. The fierce look Zoe put on finished the performance. What a great artist! Zoe has recently started her own business called'Dynamics Pole Tricks'and we wish her every success with this step!

Flexmonkey polewear photography Zoe Timmermans Paalsport paadann World Championship Polesport 2018 Tarragona  Flexmonkey polewear photography Zoe Timmermans Paalsport paadann World Championship Polesport 2018 Tarragona  Flexmonkey polewear photography Zoe Timmermans Paalsport paadann World Championship Polesport 2018 Tarragona  

All videos of the performances can be viewed via youtube (see videos). The results of the Dutch team at the IPSF World Polesports Championship have been published here again. It remains difficult to compare points from different categories to take into account the characteristics of that category such as age and an established or developing category.

Categories Name Number of points World ranking
POLESPORTS News Janne. 37,3 16
Katya. 34,1 22
POLESPORTS Youth Zoe. 43,3  4
Demi. 36,0 11
POLICE PORTS Women Belinda. 32,9 32
Dineke. 42,2 18
POLICE PORT 40+ Flowers 24,6 13
Ms Monica HZ 22,0 16
POLICE PORT 50+ Monica. 17.7  8
Gianmarco &Nick
41,9 GOOD
Dieuwke &Suzy 42,1 10
Esther &Eva 30,5 18
ARTISTIC Youth Demi. 76,4 ZILVER
ARTISTIC Women Maud. 87,2 GOOD
ARTISTIC doubles Nooki & Juul 56,8  8
OTHER POLE Zoe. quarter-finals
Dineke. GOOD

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