"When I hang in the pole, I forget the time" -Janne Jacobs

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"When I hang in the pole, I forget the time" -Janne Jacobs

It is wonderful to see that the pole sport is for all ages. If you see how she combines modern dance with pole dancing, you would n' t be able to guess her age. So mastered and smooth as Janne sweeps across the stage, she shows off the beauty of the sport. Janne is far beyond her age when it comes to expression and dance and is only 10 years old!

During the interview, Janne changes from being a shy girl in a driven performer. It's special to see how the pole dancing is loosening Janne. The more she tells, the looser she oozes. As an adult, she talks about her preparations and how she deals with her busy schedule. It was difficult, then, to keep the interview so short that it fit into her school break. It is, of course, as fine as she can also eat a sandwich.

With no less than 14 pole dance competitions and 11 podium places on her behalf, Janne is perhaps the youngest pole athlete to know the Netherlands with a great deal of experience.

The pole competition history:

  • 2014: Beat Gravity, JDM Poledance (2nd place)
  • 2015: Beat Gravity (2nd place), NK Paaldances (2nd place), JDM Poledance (1st place), Pole-art NL (3rd place and best tricks), Pole-Art International
  • 2016: NK Paaldancing (3rd place), Miss Polegym (1st place)
  • 2017: NK Paaldancing (2 place), World Cup Poledance, JDM Halloween (1st place), Miss Polygym sinlge (1st place) and Duo (1st place)

How Janne has ever started paaldancing ..." When I saw Yvonne Smink perform in the TV program Everybody dance now I knew it. That's what I want! I'm doing it for about four years now. I dance for example at Bettine Sarton, who is also participating in the NK. New things are heavy to learn. But if you practice very often, it gets easier. That's how I'm trying to make all the new moves easier. Just a lot of training. There's also a dance room in our living room, and I often hang in there. I forget the time when I dance, and then my mother has to really get me out of the pole. Even my little brother and friends hang in there. I like to teach others tricks ".

Janne Jacobs Kids During Dutch Pole dance championship Dutch Championship Paalsport Paaldancing for children

Although not many girlfriends her hobbyShe only shares Ruby (also her duo partner at miss Polegym), she also has paaldancing friends from the dance school. She also met a lot of fun people with whom she liked to dance with, such as Demi and Zoe and Fem and Teuni. " I like to train together because it's more fun than that. Also, it ' s easy because you can help each other. And so we can be honest with each other about what is, and not beautiful. What is also convenient is that they all have NK experience and can advise on how to get extra bonus. "

In addition to dancing at Bettine and Cathalijne van Weert (once every 2-3 weeks she comes to Hoogeloon),private lesson of Marinka van Engelen and Yvonne Smink. Although Yvonne is no longer so often in the Netherlands, she still performs a major role for Janne.That I participate in the NK Paalsport, It's because I saw the World Championship paaldancing with Yvonne. " When I saw that together with my mom, I decided that I also wanted to join in with the NK. So Yvonne has inspired me not only to start paalsport, but also to continue and do with matches.." 

Janne Jacobs Kids During Dutch Pole dance championship Dutch Championship Paalsport Paaldancing for children

    The paalsport is for Janne's 'serious business'. She's working hard for it. In addition to paaldancing, she is doing yoga and ballet. She notes that yoga makes her lener and that ballet makes her more aware of her body. "That makes me prettier dancing." Now, just before NK, she trains for about an hour to 1.5pm a day in pole. She then sees that as a short training. If she is going to "really" train, a session will last a minimum of 2 hours. She's on it every day. Even if she does not train, she is still busy with either stretching or ballet. Sometimes she has to cancel things. " If I can't meet with friends, I'm sorry. But I always explain it. On a rest day, I'll be able to meet. And those rest days are important to me. "

    How do you prepare for the NK Paalsport?The preparation is fun, but also heavy. There are so many rules that you have to keep to. Luckily, Mum has done a course of Code of Points and she helps me. Marinka also helps me. Usually it starts with a theme, such as the Efteling during my first NK. I 'm going to freestylen on the music and that' s how I pick out a song eventually. If I start off with freestylen and it feels good, then we ' ll continue with that. It 's very nice that my mom and other paaldance friends help me, but I' ll give myself what I like and do n' t like. Also, I decide whether moves are to pass or not ".

    How do you deal with the stress? 'Because I know now how it's going to be during a NK and a World Cup, I'm less nervous. I'd better prepare for it. I turn up the music every night, and I do the dance. I also write out the dance so I can teach it. So I can cancel the dance instead of performing, so I do train without hanging in the pole. I think it's important to participate, but I think it's more important that I have fun in what I do. And that I can show you what I can do. That's how I knew that during the world championships, I didn't have a chance to win, and I've adapted my choreo. I pulled out extra bonus so that I could hold the mandatory parts for longer. I thought, if I ca n' t win anyway, I can only make a better thing out of it and enjoy it! "

    Did you know that ... Janne's got a mascot? 'SminkieAlways with me. It ' s a hug I got when Yvonne could n' t be at a match. If I take that one, it's like she's a little bit off. "

    Janne Jacobs Kids During Dutch Pole dance championship Dutch Championship Paalsport Paaldancing for children

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