Lift Off! The re-opening of the Frankfurt Bald dance studio.

Lift Off! The re-opening of the Frankfurt Bald dance studio.

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Did you know that Lift Off's team is playing in an Opera? Puchinni's Opera Manon Lescaut is about a Roman refugee in her quest for happiness and love ( The team of Lift Off will be admirable on stage in 3 scenes and 1 of them will be pole dances. The owner of studio Lift Off, Chrissy, has trained the opera's protagonists and stands alongside her team during the 3 scenes.

Although studio Lift Off has existed since 2013 and has been in various locations, 2020 is the year before a new start. The studio Aftillen comes in January with a major reopening in Frankfurt which consists of a day full of workshops, a masseur, a market and a party!

Chrissy himself once started by trying out pole dancing once. Immediately addicted, she bought her own dance pole and went to find a nearby studio. This was for 2013 and then there were not as many dance schools as there were at all as yet. It was hard to find a place and eventually there was one place she could go. This place, however, outgrew Chrissy soon and within no time Chrissy himself was teaching. This while she still saw herself as polebaby. For pole dancing, she had more than 12 years of experience in and with teaching in the sport Capoera. When she started with pole dancing, she also engrossed in the study of anatomy, the motion device and movement in its general. She has learned the technical side of the peal sports from her idols such as Heidi Coker, Nadia Charif and Natascha Wang. The biggest change in her movements she owes to Marlo Fisken, who helped her unleash her flow.

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She has proven that Chrissy is a perseverant, by how she dealt with misfortunes. Since she started as a self-employed person in 2013, she has seen everything come by: cheated by a so-called partner, a rental location that suddenly stops the rent, instructors who run off with pupils, and high costs through a double location. From an explosive growth with 120 pupils and 10 instructrices back to a team of 3 and 60 trainees. The happiness seems turned again and soon Chrissy has a new lift or ;) with its own studio. She maintains a rental location in downtown Frankfurt and her 2-pile home studio. But largely of the lessons and workshop will take place just outside Frankfurt in a former Martial Arts space. The vibe that hangs is powerful, anyway!

What makes studio Lift Off the most attractive is the special teaching offering. Outside of pole dance, aerial silk, hope and twerk, flying pole and lollipop lessons are also taught! In addition, there are several lessons that focus in particular on movement such as mobility classes and animal flow. You just want to try that once, don't you?

Trying can also! During the opening or the pole dance camp this studio is setting up this summer

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Wist je dat het team van de lift off op het podium speelt in een opera? De opera 'Manon Lescaut' van Puchinni vertelt het verhaal over een Roemeens meisje dat naar een ander land vliegt in het nastreven van geluk en liefde ( Er zijn 3 scènes waarin het team handelt en een van hen bevat poledantie. Chrissi, de oprichter van Lift Off, heeft de belangrijkste spelers van de opera getraind en zal tijdens deze 3 scènes met haar team spelen.

스튜디오 Lift Off는 2013년에 존재하며 프랑크푸르트 주변과 그 주변에 여러 곳에 위치해 있지만 2020년은 새로운 시작의 해가 될 것입니다. 1월에는 워크숍, 마사지, 시장, 파티로 가득 찬 하루 종일 다시 문을 열 것이다.

Chrissy가 처음으로 폴댄스를 추려고 시도한 후, 그녀는 중독자가 되었다. 자기 장대를 사서 배울 곳을 필사적으로 찾는 거야 찾기가 매우 어려웠던 것. 마침내 장소를 찾았을 때, 그녀는 거의 즉시 그것을 능가했다. 여전히 장대높이뛰기하는 동안 그녀는 스스로 강사가 되었고 장대높이뛰기, 해부학, 운동에서 자신을 교육하기 시작했다. 그녀는 마치 경험이 없는 것처럼 말하지만 그녀는 이미 카포에라에서 12년 동안 활동했고 또한 선생님이었다. 2014년 그녀는 전임 강사 겸 스튜디오 주인으로 시작했다. 그녀는 여러 팀원의 파트너십과 불성실함에 대한 배신에서부터 위치 문제와 함께 온 멤버들의 축소에 이르기까지 우여곡절을 경험했다. Chrissy는 진정한 싸움꾼이고 그 모든 것을 헤쳐나가기 위해 싸웠다. 체리처럼 새 장소를 새로 열면서!

스튜디오 Lift Off를 정말 구별하는 것들은 수업의 다양성이다. 막대기, 실크, 후프 같은 기본 외에도 막대 사탕과 날으는 막대기도 있다. 그러나 정말로 상상력을 고착시킨 것은 이동성 수업이나 ANIMAL FLOW와 같은 움직임에 초점을 맞춘 수업들이다. 그냥 이걸 먹어보고 싶지 않아?

운 좋게도 이 멋진 스튜디오는 그들만의 폴캠프를 주최한다. 여기서 더 많은 정보를 얻을 수 있다. 

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