"Being a mom is not the end of pole sport, but a beginning!"This is Coralie Bourdrel

"Being a mom is not the end of pole sport, but a beginning!"This is Coralie Bourdrel

Just back from Russia for a week of coaching, hair in the curl, beautiful in makeup and a dress on. Coralie is ready for the interview! It's Friday, and that's a day for Coralie to crawl out of her tracksuit or leggings. Very recognizable to the sport instructors among us. The life in your Sports outfit is nice and practical and that makes it extra fun to make yourself beautiful and have "normal" clothes on. In this blog you will not only read about her life as a pole dance instructor, but also about her new job as a mother and dedicated pole competition warrior.

How be you it has been added to contests pole dancing to go do? "I've been doing all kinds of sports since I was a kid. From karate to figure skating, every day I was doing sports. These sports also included competition. For me, it was a logical step to start doing competitions in pole-dancing. I've done about 10 years of gymnastics, so my flexibility is there. It's the power I practice. And the dancing, the graceful finishing of movements, is something that is not naturally in there and that I train for."

Pole competition history:

  • NK pole dancing category Professional Women (2014, 2015, 2016)
  • PoleArt Netherlands Semi-pro category (2015))
  • Arnold Classis Europe (2015))
  • PoleArt Portugal Semi-pro category (2016)

Coralie Bourdrel pole dancing poledance poleholidays pole'n co

"In 2011, I was inspired by pole dancing. My husband bought a dance pole for Christmas and I started training at home inspired by youtube videos by, among others, Felix Kane. When I wanted to go to competitions, there were only a few games left for you to sign up for.The NK itself was also small and I signed up for it in 2014. I didn't know what to expect. Ihad never had a lesson and didn't know how others stood in it or how she danced. I came up quite unprepared in this respect. Still, I enjoyed it a lot. It was the first time I saw Yvonne Schminck live! I was totally amazed and that's what I want to train for.'From that moment on I was also a lot more serious with training and in 2015 I also started teaching. Just wanted a job online and had an internal training. Even now I don't take lessons, just workshops."

Is your preparation different now than the first time you were in the NK pole dancing? "Okay. In 2015 and 2016 I feel that I have not prepared enough. I had a full-time job at the time and taught pole dancing in the evenings. I found it very difficult to combine training for the NK. I got hurt pretty quick, and I over-trained. I feel afterwards that I have not been able to show what I had trained for. I think I've done underperformance, and it doesn't feel good. However, I am very pleased with the experience of being part of the NK. If you go there among all the artists who have all shown themselves to be on their best side, you are proud to be among them."

"I do a competition for myself. I want to bring out the best in myself. I feel like I haven't been able to do it fully before. That's why this year I'm extra motivated and plan my training better. I've been working on my lines and stretch more. Also, I no longer have a full-time job (but she is a full-time mother ;) and I can schedule training sessions in addition to 8 hours per job. This year, I'm also paying more attention to the code of points. And I have a full week had intensive guidance at a dance studio in Russia. My coach was direct and strict. If something wasn't pretty enough, I had to get it out of my routine. This was confrontational, but I'm glad I did it. My choreo is finished now and practice is up to me."

Coralie Bourdrel pole-dancing mama, pole-dancing mother, tells about her experiences in the pole-dancing world

How do you deal with nerves?"Not. Stress is not something you can prepare for. I know better now what to expect, but the stress will come anyway. One time it's more intense than the next. In particular, I prepare myself by stretching and staying in my own zone. I review my routine in my head and move with no music. From the moment I step into the locker room, I've been one-and-all focus. Furthermore, I try to enjoy and be grateful that I can stand among the other artists."

Coralie Tips:

  • If you want in, do it! so you won't regret it later.
  • If you do, take your time and start your prep early.
  • You'll always be nervous, but good preparation allows you to trust in yourself.
  • Expose yourself and enjoy the experience.

When asked whether Coralie finds training after childbirth (April 29, 2017) harder than before, she enthusiastically replies.;"I'm really looking forward to it! I see my participation in the NK Pole Sport this year as my return after childbirth. I want to share that having a child is not the end, but a beginning. My son provides extra motivation to exercise and take the training even more seriously. Having a child is not an excuse to leave things alone, it's an excuse to bring out the best in yourself. I gained 26 kilos during the pregnancy and I am one step at a time. get off training. About 5 weeks after giving birth I started quietly with an hour here and there, some stretching, building up to 8 hours teaching in the week and training at least 4 hours myself. I want to feel good and feel good about myself. Because only then can I as a mother give good energy to my child. That makes it so important for me, right now, to participate in the NK Pole Sport. For my son, I bring out the best in myself."

Coralie Bourdrel comes back after her birth and joins the NK pole-dancing Pole Sport 2018 Dutch poleathlet poledancer pole-competition pole -wear Netherlands

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