The Greek duo Mary & Jo

The Greek duo Mary & Jo

Both solo and in the duo, Mary and Jo have several cups behind their name. Both from Greece, they enriched the pole art with their beautiful performances. Flexmonkey is proud that both are now part of the Flexmonkey tribe. With the new velvet outfits as a welcome kado, Mary and Jo here give a look in their pole yourney.

Jo, Joanna, started in 2013 and was immediately in love with the sport. She went with a friend and while her girlfriend stopped after third class, pole dancing for Jo formed a new hobby. There were only 2 studios nearby at the time. In one of these she met Mary. For fun, she made a duo performance for a performance at the studio. That tasted like more and they sought out their first competition; nothing less than the 2016 Greek Paldancing Championships. And they won! They have devised several duo moves themselves and have also conquered the title by this creativity. As you can see in duo acts of the years after, several moves have been widely adopted by the pole community.

Training together is a challenge in the current situation, but for Mary and Jo this was already the case for Corona. They live on a 5-hour car ride away from each other. Sometimes they took the plane to train together. It was a fierce time investment. But she thought it was worth it and she'd rather train than with each other.The duo together isvery proud of their choreographies, which they themselves conceiveputAfter an intensive period of competitions, they have given their bodies rest to recover. The fear and stress of joining has already dropped and it is starting to jiggle again to join a subsequent competition. Flexmonkey is curious about what competition that will be and whether they will meet there. Contact through image bells may have become more normal than a real meeting, yet we remain in favour of being really together and training together.

For Jo, a competition is about winning, but in a positive way. She is inspired by others and their beautiful performances. That helps her get better and see the good sides of others. The pole dancing itself sees her aspsycho therapy. She gets happy about it, meets many different people, and is more open to others.” Het your soul free" says Jo.Jo started a second study in addition to pole dancing and teaching. In addition to the completed civil engineering studio, she has started a studio to pharmacist. So in her life outside of pole dancing, she performs at high level.

Maria is a veterinarian and started pole dancing in 2013. Her job is hugely busy, but if it can be a while she helps others to train together. The porridge has given her confidence. By learning tricks she previously thought she could never do, she gets a well-deserved ego boost. But also a fit body and a healthy big appetite. She finds it wonderful to notice how a body responds to good and intensive training.

A review of the Double’s Competitions:

Poolkunst Spanje 2018 - Elite Doubles - Finalisten

Poolkunst Griekenland 2018 - Elite Doubles - 1st plaats

Pole Art Hungary 2017 - Semi Pro Doubles - 1st plaats

Wereldkampioenschap Poolkunst 2017 - Semi Pro Doubles - 1st Plaats

Greek Pole Dance Championship 2017 - Doubles - 3rd Plaats

Pole Art Cyprus 2016 - Doubles- Finalist

Pooltheater Griekenland 2016 - Pooldrama Amateur-finalist

Griekse Pooldanskampioenschap 2016 - Dubbelen - 1st plaats

.aria's competities:

Pole Battle Tricks 2014, Amateur Categorie, 1st plaats

Poolkunst Griekenland 2018, Semi Pro, 2nd plaats

Hellenic Pole Sport Championship 2019, Amateur, 1st plaats

Ioanna's Competitions:

Pole Battle Tricks 2018, Semi Pro, 1st plaats en meest ingenieuze Trick Award

Poolkunst Spanje 2018, Amateur, Finalist

Pole Art Hungary 2017, Amateur,  1st place

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