Dutch Paalsport Championships 2018

Dutch Paalsport Championships 2018

On 2 and 3 June it found NK Paalsport in the Brabantse Waalwijk area. With the categoriesPole Sports, Artistic Pole, Para Pole and a demonstration of the competition Ultra Pole, the Dutch Paalsport Bond had their hands full with the organization. There were also the Open Competitions for international athletes. With athletes from among others Belgium, Denmark, Great Britain, Switzerland, and Romania get the Dutch Championships is a beautiful European character.

The preliminaries on Day 1 made it all super exciting. Judging from the scores of the jury, it was Belinda van Ommen who was sticking out of head and shoulders above her competitors. Her Bird of Paradise drop is an iron-strong motivation to train nóg more. What incredibly beautiful and particularly beautiful. Still, it was Dineke Minten who, on the day of the competition, took off with the title Senior Women. Her signature poletricks made it a spectacular performance. With the heart in the throat we looked at the drops, flips, and brute force that she showed. Lisette Beekhuis stood by its beautiful and flexible performance at number 3. The number of splits was not to be counted!

A fun compilation of NK has been made by GymPower.

The category Polesport Doubles Women provided a lot of commotion. The title defensters Tirsa and Eva made a small miss and were judged very harshly at other points. Rightly or unjugated, they decided not to challenge it and with that, Suzy & Dieuwke became the new Dutch champion. By Dineke coached and with a particularly original choreography and accents performing spot-on on the music, they put down a wonderful show and scored high. Other scores (extremely low or extremely high) went as a shock wave through the audience. Performances that kept the room quiet and neatly finished are not sure of a good score. It is a large part of the 'code-of-points' and the forms to be completed in advance. The course "code-of-points" is not a superfluous luxury. Even if it is only to learn to understand the jury's assessment better as a spectator;)


The Paalsport Bond, of course, made sure that there were still more things that were worth attending. There were statues (where from Flexmonkey, of course, full of positive energy was swinging back and forth between the performances and the help of pole dancers), and like previous editions, there was a chance to put the hands (and legs) out of the sleeves themselves. From paaldance to silks and hope. But also hip hop and wall climbing were possible. The Flexmonkeys themselves chose an informative workshop by Sandra van Studio Aeris called the "Pole Rehad". Not knowing what to expect, we have a 1.5 you listened carefully to ways to stimulate the natural range of motion equipment. It seems that by repeatedly training the same kind of techniques certain joints and muscles allow for less movement than the natural range. ' Da is unBiyNow, let's just say to his Brabants. Sandra gave a clear explanation of the shoulder joint and the interplay with the muscles. In addition, she had fun exercises that pointed out to us that there is indeed a loss of reach. For pole dancers, it is striking that it is often the dominant arm in which the shoulder moves less flexibly. By repeating these learned exercises on a daily basis, for example, a piece of flexibility can be regained, and injuries reduce. Very interesting! For those who want to know more about it, read one of Sandra's well-builtblogsLike, "why don't stretch the muscles."

Leon Hofenk photography Zoë Timmermans dutch championships World Championship Polesport 2018

Zoe Timmermans, by Leon Hofenk. She came in second place with her animal ferocious performance. And how did it actually go with our athletes interviewed?

  1. Janne Jacobs: Dutch champion Novice girls.
  2. Demi Brama: Dutch champion Junior girls.
  3. Floor Rodermans: Dutch champion Masters 40+ Women .
  4. Maurits Kersten: Dutch champion Senior Man.
  5. Suzy & Dieuwke: Dutch champion Doubles Women (Polesports).
  6. Monica van Beek: Dutch champion Master 50+ Women.
  7. Ariana van der Vegte: fourth place Artistic Pole Senior Women.
  8. Marieke de Bra: second place Artistic Pole Senior Women.
  9. Coralie Bourdreil: seventh place Dutch champion Senior Women.

By a first or second place and a score that is high enough, the following athletes have qualified for the World Championships in Tarragona, Spain: Monica van Beek, Floortje Rodermans, Monica Hernandez Zamora, Dineke Minten, Belinda van Ommen, Maurits Kersten (decided not to participate in the World Championships), Demi Brama, Zoë Timmermans, Katja van Houts, Julia Koppens, Nick la Gije & Gianmarco Stefanelli , Suzy Niamut & Dieuwke Hupkes, Eva Oerlemans & Esther Verheijen. Also during the World Polesport Championships in Spain, the Flexmonkeys will come to the Dutch team to cheer. Put it on pole-lions!

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