Dutch Pole Dancing Mommy Monica van Beek at the World Pole Sports Championships.

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Dutch Pole Dancing Mommy Monica van Beek at the World Pole Sports Championships.

“When I stepped into the room where all the participants were stretching during my first World Pole Championships, I immediately turned and walked out. I only saw over-splits and I was just doing a split. What am I doing here? " Monica tells honestly. Meanwhile, Monica van Beek, a participant in the 50 plus category of the NK pole sport, is several years and championships further and she is in a very different way. "I participate in the NK to win, but I see the World Cup as a gift. By that I mean that during a NK I really go for first or second place because then I qualify for the World Cup. At the World Cup itself I don't see myself as contenders for a prize and I go to enjoy it. The World Cup has brought me so many close pole dance friendships all over the world. I always look forward to seeing them again and experiencing how we are there for each other. That's what makes participating in the World Cup valuable to me ".

Given her experiences (5x Dutch Championships and 3x World Championships) she can safely be called a Pole-Mama. And if you know her personally, you also know that this title is made for her! Monica has a very open and welcoming smile. Her look is like a warm blanket and you immediately feel at ease. She is known for always helping, reassuring you, lifting you up, spotting you or making you cry. Like a real mom does. In the series of stories behind the participants of the NK Paalsport 2018 that Flexmonkey unveils, it is up to her this week to surprise us with her view on pole sport and participation in competitions.

Pole competition history:

  • NK Pole dancing category Doubles (2012, 3e place)
  • NK Pole dancing category Masters 40+ (2014, 1e place)
  • World Championships Pole dancing category Masters 40+ (2014)
  • NK Pole dancing category Masters 40+ (2015)
  • NK Pole dancing category Masters 50+ (2016, 1e place)
  • World Championships Pole dancing category Masters 50+ (2016)
  • NK Pole dancing category Masters 50+ (2017, 2e place)
  • World Championships Pole dancing category Masters 50+ (2017)


Monica van Beek Dutch Championship Pole Dancing Pole Dancing Netherlands competition championships

How came you with it matches pole dancing to to go to do?While the question is being asked, Monica sips a Matcha Latte because "she had never drunk it before". The answer has already been given. This lady loves to try new things! “The gym where I had a subscription started in 2011 with pole dancing lessons. These were included in the subscription and the threshold was therefore low. We did this with a group of 4 or 5 girls my age. We were also present when demos were given. The nice thing is that those young girls didn't dare to do all that. So every time it was we "oldies" who showed what we could do! " Monica smiles heartily and her bright blue eyes confirm her pleasure when she tells this.

“On the advice of a pole dancing friend I started doing duo pole and it was my pole dancing duo who won me over. We registered for the NK pole dancing for the doubles and also for the NK Polefitness. We became 3 in these matcheseand 4e. When my duo had different priorities in 2014, I decided to continue in my up. So Solo Masters 40+! Well then you could not choose as much as now from the code of points. The compulsories included 10 choices flex and 10 choices strength and they were almost all above my level. For a moment I hesitated to participate, but I persisted. In the years that followed, the code of points book has been more and more extensive. "

How would you your preparation on a contest to describe?Pole dancing is my hobby and I do this in addition to my work as a functional application manager in the insurance world (36h p.w.). So I have to leave things for it, such as socializing with friends, a nice snack and drink. I do these things a lot less. I collect music throughout the year and choose a song from that selection. I want something with power, but not too much power. And I like to do something crazy in every act. Something that is "out of my comfort zone" for me. I do that at the beginning of the act, then I am at full power. This is often a drop. From the code of points I choose the techniques that I already master. I train to last longer and finish neatly. I want to make every act different, so even if I use the same compulsory, I want a completely different transition between the moves. The theme and outfit also make the act a whole new experience. The age makes me dare sometimes a little less and I feel that my strength is deteriorating. I have until my 21steyears of gymnastics and my flexibility remains up to standard. In my choroes I want from myself what I can do, and that has to be done properly, but I play on save. If it really doesn't work, I'll scrap it. ”

Monica van Beek PoledanceMama NK pole sport pole dancing category 50 plus pole dance clothing

"I train between the young girls and that keeps me young!"


How go you to with the nerves?"Uuuuh, not!" Monica laughs with laughter. This cheerful and open lady turns into a trembling thump of nerves on the day itself. “The nerves remain equally bad, every match. I withdraw very much beforehand, focus on my music and warm up with my splits and splits. The thoughts "What am I doing to myself? What do I still have to prove to myself "ghosts regularly run through my mind. I keep rubbing my hands. It makes a difference that I have my hair and make-up done at home. The feeling after the game is sooo great! That makes everything worthwhile. ”

Pole mama's tips:

  • Get on! Even if you fall off the post, just finish it.
  • Don't focus on the compulsory
  • Go for control, cleanliness and last longer
  • Enjoy!

What you not would expect / like fact:Monica fell off the post during the NK 2015. The people who saw it were shocked. The jury stopped the music and Monica had to go to the emergency room. “I myself did not realize that the fall looked so serious. I was full of adrenaline and my performance. I was furious that the music was stopped. I wanted to continue! After consideration I was allowed to pick up the choreo from the point when the music had stopped. The first part went well, but after that I couldn't remember. As if the adrenaline had dissipated and made way for fear, it retreated into my shell. Also afterwards. I did not want to speak to anyone and did not dare to open my facebook. When I did three days later, I was inundated with positive reactions. Despite the fact that I was not able to show what I had trained so hard for at the competition, I had nevertheless won: a lot of respect and appreciation within the pole dancing world because I immediately climbed the pole after such a fall. That helped a lot to get over the disappointment. Hence the tip: Don't give up! Just keep going no matter what. I have never seen the fall myself, and I want to keep it that way. ”

Follow this power woman? That can be done through her facebook. Or leave an encouraging message for her below this blog!

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