Our clothes can fit!

Our clothes can fit!

Flexmonkey is much more than just a brand. It stands for pleasure, with each other and in the sport. Flexmonkey is tough, active, creative, and powerful! Just like our designs. You want to meet Flexmonkey?

We like to come to you, home or in the studio, for a Flexmonkey party. How we complement that lies entirely to your wishes. So, contact us! Send a message to info@flexmonkey.nl or via the contact button on the website, leave your name and phone number and Flexmonkey contacts you.

Here's what others say about Flexmonkey:

“Flexmonkey makes shorts and tops that anyone can wear! For yoga, running, tennis, kickboxes, pole dancing... Faboulous and comfortable! Why am I in love with this brand? You can wear the trousers in 2 ways: high & low waist. You choose what best suits you and can easily change it."Amanda, studio ADC

"Every good service and quick delivery!! Very nice pole dancing, very pleased with the knee protectors, among others. All fan of BCAA Powder and the Flexmonkey shaker. I say do and no longer wait with order." Sabrina, studio PoleProficiency

You want to come by with us? You can too! Below you see where and when. Click the events for more information. WWe can find you:

on 9 April 2017 at Marchesat the Classic Pole competition of Studio ADC.

on May 21 during the FirelillyOpen Pole competition te Twello

and on 30 June, 1 & 2 July at the World Pole Sport Championship at the Den Bosch

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