Want to join a pole-dancing contest sometime?

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Want to join a pole-dancing contest sometime?

On Sunday, October 14, a major pole dancing competition was held by Studio ADC. In a beautiful theatre a truss was built (a structure in which two poles of 4 meters were built). An eye-catching picture for anyone who likes performance. A pole on static and a pole on spinning, let the games begin!

It may well be that the whole area around the theatre lit up on this day, because there was so much tension and energy to feel! With categories like kids, beginner, intermediate I and II, advanced, 30+, 40+, pole art, pole drama and pole comedy, it was a spectacle you could keep watching. And so did the audience! It was a busy day, and many of the performances caused commotion and applause. The competition went smoothly from performance to award ceremony. All thanks to the great organization of Amanda De Caluwe from Studio ADC and her team, of course. For the dancers among us who are still hesitating to join a competition, we write this blog. And to motivate you, let's first see an inspiring video of Melanie, a pole dancer who's been dancing for about three years! She wears a custom-made outfit of Flexmonkey Deluxe Line, black velours finished with pallets and feathers for a classic look.


No lack of breathtaking performances. But what exactly is being watched during a pole-dancing contest? What aspects are you judged on? Which techniques are best used and how do you make a choreography, good enough for a competition? All these questions can be answered by the jury.At the end of the competition, the participants will be given an assessment form for each juror. It says How was scored on different parts.But when are you actually meeting with the jury?


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Well-known faces on the jury of the last Classic Pole Art Competition: Brigitte Ryegmakers, Monica van Beek, Belinda van Ommen and Olga Korink.

The Flexmonkeys like to give the jury a little more to say than that little leaf fits. That is why weMonicaandBrigittea few questions. I'm sure the answers will help you prepare for a pole-dancing contest.

1) FM: what do you like most about the last competition?

Monica: "It is such an honor that I have been allowed to enjoy all the beautiful acts I have seen pass by. Nice set, Nice stage, nice location. And everything went according to plan. A well-organized event."

Birgitte: "I liked the good, beautiful performances of all the catergories but especially of the children. In addition, the togetherness and the good organization made it a great competition."

2) FM: what are you most interested in judging?

Monica: "We had to judge on several points such as, diversity techniques, performing techniques, experience of music, working neatly. This is all on the jury form."

Brigitte: "The techniques shown by the participant must be technically correct and controlled. I look at strength, flow, posture, endurance and expression. I have been teaching at almost all levels and ages for a long time and quickly see what has been done well and what has not. For example, how the transitions go, how the hands stand and whether the correct leg tension is used."

3) FM: what is the most important thing for you personally as an artist/dancer in a performance?

Monica: "What I think is important to see is that the athlete himself enjoys it and can convey that to the audience and the jury. I learn from that every time."

Brigitte: "As an artist, enjoying and communicating this is one of the most important things. Besides, I think it's important that you dance safely and with control. This also means that you move to your own abilities, so that a good performance can also be set up."

4) FM: what would you like to recommend or advise athletes against during their preparation for a competition?

Monica: "Recommend: only do the techniques that you are sure you control. Enjoy.Advise against: it is more important to conduct a technique properly than to choose a difficult technique that is not properly executed."

Brigitte: "recommend: a performance setting to power and can therefore not want too much, too fast, listen to your body, good nutrition and sleep, go for it and enjoy it. Advise against: too much training and especially in the last 2 weeks before the race."

Did you get excited and want to join a contest? Then look quickly at the upcoming competition of studio ADC, the CLASSIC POLE competition with the extra categoryFAIRY! Fairy? Finally, you get to dress up as your favorite fairy tale and re-enact this on a stage. Make your dream come true and crawl into the skin of your favorite princess like Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella. Or maybe you feel more at home as the wicked witch, wizard or another creature. It can all be done!

If you're more of the Aerial sports, take a look at theAERIAL ART COMPETITIONfrom PoleGym Middelburg.

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