They too went home with a cup!

They too went home with a cup!

Thanks to the Athlete of the Year award, Maurit's Christmas, Kelly de Vos and Janne Jacobs went home with a cup. Janne was the youngest of the couple to be commended for her commitment to the pole sport. She has given several demo s for dance schools and during festivities in the village where she lives. It wants to highlight the pole sport positively and among as diverse an audience as possible. For example, on request, she has been involved in the day-to-day use of elderly people and has acted as a duo during a live performance of an orchestra! Through her instagram account, she wants to draw attention to healthy and controlled training to prevent injury. I'm sure we'll hear more from this young lady!

Janne jacobs winner athlete of the year 2019 pole athlete association Netherlands Flexmonkey polewear pole dancing clothing store

Janne Jacobs with her award- by Frans-Jan Wagemakers

Kelly de Vos, the Dutch champion'Aerial Hoop Doubles'and number two on "Aerial Hoop Senior Women". And thus also the cup for athlete of the year! Kelly has a own company in Aerial sports and put safety above all else. It informs people, businesses and businesses about safety in suspension systems. As a mechanical engineer, she has a lot of knowledge at home and she continues to develop herself by taking courses and trainings focused on aerial sports. It also regularly lends its own tripod to organisations for competitions, fund raisors and other events. Helping others is in her nature and well-served she goes home with the award!

Maurits Christmas athlete of the year award winner Dutch Paalsport bond Flexmonkey polewear polesport IPSF pole dancing clothing store

Maurits and Kelly receive their award by Frans-Jan Wagemakers

Finally, it was Maurice's Christmas that was allowed to come forward. With his always modest appearance, he rightly received this award in addition to the third place in the category Polesport Senior Men. He himself states that he does not deserve the award any more than the other men in the Dutch pole sport. Flexmonkey has also interviewed Maurits before and knows that he has been committed to the sport for years. Through his lessons and his performances at the NK, he hopes to inspire sportsmen and show that you do not have to be very flexible or elegant to put on a beautiful act after all.

Flexmonkey is proud to have crowned these fantastic altars for their efforts in the pole-sport world. In addition, she sponsored the second stage, which allowed all acts to connect quickly and all disciplines to take place within one weekend. Once again, Flexmonkey is proud of the Paalsport within our little cold frog country!

Athlete of the year award pole sport federation Netherlands French Jan Wagemakers Flexmonkey polewear pole dancing clothes

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