The opening of wrong Sport: you can be there!

The opening of wrong Sport: you can be there!

Wante Sport has been a concept in South Limburg for years. Do you live in the Heerlen, Sittard and Roermond area? Then there's a good chance you've already been there. Even students from Germany and Belgium train regularly in this studio. For the rest of the Netherlands it is worth a visit to this studio. This weekend, for example, when the studio opens its new doors to the public for the first time.

Wante sport has existed for 6 years in another location that was shared with other entrepreneurs. Building and dismantling poles is not exactly as fun as the pole sport itself and when a space was released elsewhere, the idea was born. A new, completely private space to practice all sports that want Sport offers. The space that was released is under a gym and the result can be there: with a completely new ceiling construction it is suitable to build the poles, aerial hoops and silks. wear. And all these materials can stand. With a class selection of Polesport, Aerial hoop, Aerial silk, Hula hoop dance and fitness hoop), stretchlessen, powertraining, and circuslessen is Related to sport is an all-round studio.

The new room is 6 by 10 meters and offers spacious for 6 poles, 3 aerial silks and an aerial hope. In the old room there was enough space for 30 poles (zooooo lots of space!) but became max. 14 Posts set up. Also in the new space you can spin with a rest without touching. The transition from a large space to a smaller studio took some getting used to, but it also provides a better group atmosphere.The students, who have been taking lessons there for a while, find it more cozy and even more pleasant.The team of instructors also finds that working in smaller groups has advantages. "There is more involvement and better contact between the trainees".

Nathalie wante hoop hoop lessons strength training and core conditioning


During the renovation, the more than 100 pupils were housed in the newly built (house-to-house) competition studio. This studio has poles of 4 meters high and it is here that competition training, private training and (far)advanced classes are given. The studio in the gym is bigger and the ceiling is slightly lower (3 meters). This 3 meter is sufficient for strength building and the base of aerial silks.In order to be able to practice the drops and other techniques with height, a space of 10 meters high is regularly rented. In this area, Sports also give weekly lessons to mainstream primary schools and special education. Wante sport therefore has several locations and plenty of opportunities!

The special features of sports are the pool sports lessons. These lessons are based on the philosophy of Nathalie Wante, the founder. This is also the best way for Nathalie to explain to you herself: "I think it is important that everyone in a lesson has the idea of moving forward. That people work with the personal qualities that someone has. One is more powerful and the other more lenient. Then I also want there to be room in the same lesson for one to work with the force. and with the other on the agility. For me, everyone is a beginner and advanced at the same time. You're good at one thing, but you're not good at the other. A standard curriculum with layouts in levels does not fit in well. That is why we also have joint lessons. All levels in one group, together a warm up and cool down. After this, we work with several instructors in groups. This way it is better to work from the student. Could be someone's got an Iron X well-controlled but not yet mastered certain basic techniques. Then someone can join another group for a particular technique, and then join again.On Fridays there are training sessions with the more difficult combinations, for which a basic level of strength and agility is required. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Sundays, the joint lessons".

"What I also think is very important is that people don't get a stamp. Just train at your own level and work with what you can. And so also work on what you can't do. And that's different for everyone. It takes a bit more energy as an instructor, because you need to know everyone well and know what goals are there and what is achievable for that person. On the other hand, it provides energy, because you can send everyone home with the idea that they have trained well. Our instructors are also trained in this way."

Nathalie wante aerial silks Les sittard heerlen strength training and core conditioning

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