Paaldance shoot or pole dance gig on location? This is how easy it is with the Gympole Active or the GymPole internship!

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Paaldance shoot or pole dance gig on location? This is how easy it is with the Gympole Active or the GymPole internship!

Gympole was designed by a technical engineer with years of experience and that brand you. It's been all over the place. The components of different products are mutually exclusive, to be used with each other, and each component is replaced separately. The designs are so made that attached partsHave been past history. The systems are easy to build on and off. There are no loose screws on and no unnecessarily high podium parts or excellent construction legs. Also, you no longer have to have an extra tool with you to put the pole of static on spinning. Just one click! In a hand turn, the pole is set to spin. It seems like a tel-sell commercial, but it works really fantastic.

So easy you turn the paaldanspodium 'GymPole stage' from static to spinning, and back. from Flexmonkey_sport Vimeo.

What is very fine from the stage is that the pole itself is quite high. With about 3 meters and 16 inches the highest stage pole that is known to us. This allows you to flow and combinations as much as possible. Drops and jumps can also be done very well on this internship. And because of the oneclick system, you can use a little creativity to spin the dance language even during a performance. Included in the choreography!

The pole consists of two parts and this oneclose deep together without exerting pressure on each other. It uses a smart lever technique. This will prevent the paalparts from being trapped.In addition, it increases stability and strength by ensuring that the poles are in large part of each other. TheGympole internship has a wide dance range and the bottom is designed so that it doesn't make it up to you. The basis of this internship is only 9.6 cm high and 185 cm wide.

Overall the stage weighs 44kg and can be transported easily by the corresponding carrier bags and carrier bags. The dance channel itself is 13 kg. Below you can see a video on how to set the stage within 3 minutes. And so it builds again!

The Gympole Active is the mobile dance channel that can be screwed into the earth. With a hand drill, you can easily create a hole in which the bottom part can be placed. In this, you turn the mobile dance language. Do you have a gym internship yet? Then you can be the central part with the revolutionary one-click system can also be used on the Gympole Active dance language. You do not need to double this part. You then have two mobile dance channels for the price of one and a half!

The best of the Gympole Active is that you can take these with carrier bags as you can, without having to take a heavier polestage on wheelies. So if you have a rocky road ahead of you, with that behind that dream spot for a workout or a shoot, you can just take this up with the Gympole Active. The total ordinary is 20,5kg whose dance language weighs 5kg. Good to wear. By default, the pole is delivered in sizes 2.40 and 3.06 meters. On request, poles are made to a size of 2.60, 2.80 and 3.00 metres. No extra charge. So you can choose one more.

Rent Gympole internship? Mail to and we will contact you. The Gympole internship and the Gympole Active can also be ordered from us. Delivery time may be associated with a waiting list. Please feel free to contact and betel on time. The nice thing about renting the stage is that you can try it out for a day and when you decide to do an internship yourself, you get a discount on the purchase price. And if you ask for VAT back as a company, it saves another 21%.

GymPole Active mobile dance language that you get in the ground the Netherlands 

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  • Hanssens july

    Verkopen jullie deze ook?

  • Cai

    Hello Sarah,

    We just saw your message under our blog. There are no extra costs for you to have the Gympole aktiv shipped to germany. Hope this helps (we also send you this message via email).

    Please let me know what I can do for you,

    Best, Cai

  • Sarah Isenberg

    Ich habe Interesse an der Gympole aktiv zu mieten für den 8.8.und Deutschland / Essen und wollte gerne mal fragen was das Mieten der Stange nach Deutschland kosten würde. Können Sie mir da weiterhelfen?

    Dank je wel!
    Sarah Isenberg

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