New pole dance studios in the Netherlands: studio Meraki!

New pole dance studios in the Netherlands: studio Meraki!

We already knew that pole sport is becoming more and more popular. At every party there are a handful of ladies who agree to have practiced this sport before. The number of participants in the Dutch championships is still growing. And the pole dance studios aren't just found in big cities. More and more often there are gyms in small communities that add a pole sport lesson to the program. Sometimes that grows into a studio of its own.

Meraki, open since May 2019, is one of those new pole dance studio that has outgrown the gym and opened its doors. Owner Linda loves that she now has the freedom to complete the lessons according to her own style. It started for Linda 4 years ago in Veghel, where she took her first lesson in a gym. The training has not stopped after that. Within a year she took over the lessons and went to nearby Eindhoven to take lessons herself. She has also recently been teaching there. On average, she teaches between 6 to 8 hours a week, including 5 hours in her own studio. In September 2019, 2 more hours will be added. She also trains for herself.

"I like the great thing about pole dancing that you can develop your own style. I have no background in gymnastics or a certain dance style. I want to be unique. Innovative. That you surprise people. I have many pole dance idols, of which Dan Rosen in particular. Because he started from scratch: pole dancing was the beginning. Just like me. The fact that I already have my own studio wasn't quite planned. It was more of a future dream. But because of circumstances and the need for a place of your own, this is how it turned out."

Meraki, that's what the studio was called. Years ago Linda came across that word and then she already knew that it was going to be the name of her future studio. "Meraki comes from Greek and it means that you do something with all your love and passion. That you put a piece of yourself into what you do. That's the way it is with me. I think it's a great advantage that now that I've started for myself, I can do whatever I want. I am not limited to rules of a gym and can ect a part of myself in the lesson. I would call my style sporty and very focused on choreo. Not only individual moves but the creative dancing of the moves. The fact that I'm teaching with love is also evident in the pole dance family that arises in the studio. If you're taking a class here, you'll be right there."

Curious about Linda and her studio? Go once a lesson Follow!

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