Dreams of Pole'n Holidays, the Easter Camp in Portugal.

Dreams of Pole'n Holidays, the Easter Camp in Portugal.

Flexmonkey looks back on a great week in the beautiful Portuguese region of Algarve. With pride, Flexmonkey sponsored the second Pole again a Holiday pole-dancing camp last August this year. Organizer Coralie booked the luxury villa for four weeks, where she set poles beside the pool. The designer of Flexmonkey was the lucky one who attended the pole camp for a week.

This pole camp is distinguished by being a full week (six nights stay and five days workshops) and working with a small group(max. 8 persons)Yeah. Sleeping in a villa, poles by the pool, fun excursions and an epic photo shoot. It was a pleasant week with sufficient attention to the individual. The pole dancing workshop was well distributed so that there was also room for the real holiday feeling.

Flexmonkey polewear pole-dancing sponsor at Pole'n holidays Paaldanskamp polecamp Portugal

The guest teacher: Heidi Coker, USA. The workshops: pole dancing, polecreativity, sexy pole, bootcamp &more pole dancing. The excursions: hiking through Albufeira, photo shoot on a cliff, sports massage, evening pub trip, visit to a natural swimming pool, dinner on the beach.

The photo shoot deserves a special explanation. On top of a cliff with a tight blue sky Coralie placed the poles and Hevi Bas was ready to shoot a souvenir. It was warm, the pole was smooth, the body was tired, but by Hevi's awesome reaction power and Coralie's dragon power, the "moneyshot" was made. Just in that one tenth of a second you were hanging in the move, Hevi already shot the picture. Nothing a hundred times over, just keep going with the next pose. In twelve minutes per person this provided a lot of pictures. And of course we could also take the picture with the Heidi from the USA.

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