Win the Fantasy hot pants!

Win the Fantasy hot pants!

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The NO-Pole-Polechallenge has started early this month and there are already super many super fun shipments! Luckily, we're only halfway there and you can still "just" join us. What? You can read that here. First of all, a number of examples.

Are you following the hashtag \35; nopolepolechallenge? Then you will find the above instagrams and you can follow them. Of course, participation is possible! What? By following the good example of the hostesses Anais and Nele. They thought there was so much to do without a pole. How about a scaffold, a tree, a lantern, a chair, a door... Or each other! There's so many ways to get out.

Flexmonkey therefore challenges you to meet in May 5thNO-Pole-Pole to take pictures. That's theNO-Pole-Polechallenge 2019"! And to reward these wild escapades, you can win a Fantasy Jaguar hot pants with it. The challenge takes place in May and is shared on Instagram.

What do you have to do?
1. Follow @Flexmonkey_polewear on instagram as well as @pole-u ncoe and @anaisdesloover
2. Replace the FLYER/cover photo on your instagram profile and tag all three of us
3. Post at least five pictures of a NO-Pole-Pole move (max. 1 photo/video per day)
Four. Tag @pole u ncoe @anaisdesloover @Flexmonkey polewear in je NO-Pole-Polephotos/videos
When does your mail count as an entry?
1. If your profile is in public and we can see the tags and submission
2. use hashtag \35; nopolepolechallenge
3. DO NOT use pole
Four. Always use another NO-Pole-Pole moves and another NO-pole

You want to join without an Instagram account? You can. You can then email your submission to We will post this submission on the Flexmonkey feed and thereby make your submission public. On 31st May, Flexmonkey sends the winner a personal message. You gonna win those hot pants?


In Field Field Challenge! Could it be... Yes, it is! This challenge is a Street Pole Challenge! Don't overthink or feel, just act, just do, have fun, go crazy, be creative (sounds familiar?). For those who never street poled before, please try. It's super duper fun! What do we want from you? -5 posts -5 different kind of "poles" (no pole dance poles) -5 different kind of pole moves.

Post a minimum of 5 post in the month of May.No more than 1 pole pic/video per day!Winner will be announced on 31 May 2019 by Flexmonkey. How do you officially enter this very awesome challenge?
1. Follow @pole ncoe @anaisdesloover @Flexmonkey polewear on IG
2. Repost this photo/flyer on your Instagram (story and/or post)
Three. Tag @pole/ ncoe @anaisdesloover @Flexmonkey'u polewear
When do you have a valid entry?
1. Tag the hosts and sponsor in every pic and/or video
2. Use the hashtags in every pic and/or video: \35; nopolepolechallenge
Three. Open up your profile
Four. Do not use a pole dance pole! Otherwise your entry will not be valid
Five. What can you win? The amazing Fantasy Jaguar hot pants from Flexmonkey! 

Special thanks to @michaelmispelters for designing the awesome flyer.


Who isInWhat? On the cover of this blog stands ultra strong Nele in a tree shelf.
"After my postgraduate degree, I felt the need to go in the sporting direction. After an intellectual challenge, I sought back a physical outlet to lose my energy. Since I never followed the big crowd, I got out pretty fast at pole dances. It's been on my bucket list since I was sixteen, but it was too young to start. I've been teaching pole dancing since September 2015 and I've been sold to the Russian Layback. I have another juicy dream about pole dancing. Namely covered in dollar bills during an exotic mating in a gentlemen's club."

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