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Are you ready? Demi Brama and Zoë Timmermans, known for the Dutch Pole Sports Championships and representatives of the Netherlands during the IPSF World Championships Polesport and Artistic Pole are more than happy to wear the Fantasy Jaguar!

The photo above shows Demi Brama's Arabesque jump in the "Fantasy Jaguar" legging. These yoga pants with dreamlike leopard print naturally have the sexy V-shape that you can expect from Flexmonkey. The leggings can be used for any sport. Just like the other Flexmonkey leggings, the fabric is wonderfully soft and sufficiently firm, which camouflages imperfections in the skin. The wide band at the hips ensures that the fabric fits your body and does not cut. The crunched bun has also been added for a great booty. These leggings have extra length to be able to stretch directly in your split and splits. Shiny white mesh is used on the thighs and calves for optically extra long legs. The Fantasy Jaguar has been tested and is SPLIT & SQUAT proof. Ideal for sports carefree!

Demi Brama during the photo shoot of Flexmonkey polewear hotpants racerback sportsbra pole dancewear


Zoë Timmermans during the photoshoot of Flexmonkey polewear hot pants racerback sportsbra pole dance wear

The pictures above show the Fantasy Jaguar racer back and hot pants. The animal print with soft shades of pink, blue and purple form a beautiful contrast with the white background. This print stands out! The Flexmonkey sports bra is playful and sporty, has wide straps for good support with a double inner lining and bra pads. The top is finished high and yet has a sexy cleavage. It is made of a soft and elastic fabric and is colourfast.

The hot pants have short legs and the band at the top falls just over the hip bone in most models, so that the "fats" are covered exactly underneath. The hot pants are finished with two techniques that make your buttocks look even rounder: the back is finished with the well-known Brazilian 'crunched-bun' and the band has the familiar flexmonkey V-shape. It delivers a sexy yet sporty short. Especially recommended for pole fitness, pole dancing, hot yoga, and aerial sports.

The making off ... The shoot had something magical about it. While the sun is setting Demi and Zoë, with a little help, make a heart with their arms. Check out our Insta feed for more photos @Flexmonkey_polewear.

Demi Brama and Zoë Timmermans during the photoshoot of flexmonkey polewear pole dance wear yoga leggings

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