Under the spell of the shadowban ... and what you can do about this.

Under the spell of the shadowban ... and what you can do about this.

The Censor of Instagram, the so-called shadowban. According to Instagram, it's a myth, but many followers see it as a fact. More and more you see post come by criticizing Instagram for a so-called'shadowban'. There are even rumours that certain communities are being targeted, such as the gay community and now also the pole dancers.

What's "shadowbanned"? A clever and almost invisible way of Instagram to silence a user. A shadowban limits the range of your account and ensures that you do not reach any new followers. Your posts simply don't get distributed anymore. Someone who's already following you will be able to see this new content. But anyone looking for the hashtags that are at the post can't see your content. Say goodbye to new followers. If it's up to Instagram, you can increase the growth of write your account on your (way too naked) belly.

In addition, you can look at the Instagram analytics 'insights' and analyse for yourself whether your latest posts have received fewer likes or followers than usual. Whatever method, you don't get 100% certainty. Instagram has not yet literally admitted that there is such a thing as a shadowban. The company does admit that certain content is made invisible when it is ' contrary to the directives from the community." Most of the hashtags used in the pole dancing world are characterised as' Inappropriate'. However, the directives only prohibit the use of nudist images. And the posted aren't usually naked. So who and why are certain posts shadowbanned? It's vague.

To monitor the content placed, Instagram relies on an algorithm. That algorithm seems to be scanning content for the amount of naked skin. Especially with women. Instagram does not deal specifically with the contents of these algorithms either. The fact that facebook also makes a big effort and participates in this censorship has caused Flexmonkey to experience the body. For example, Flexmonkey's last ad was blocked because the content would be too sexy content.:


This product would be 'too explicit', too naked, too sexual and would leave too much bare skin or cleavage and unnecessarily focus on certain body parts. Now the question is, what would you put the emphasis on at a weight summit? On the toes? Another question is why a video of a beheading did pass through the screening and algorithms and was only removed after it was indicated by a user. With their algorithms, Facebook appears to be focusing more on avoiding too a lot naked like a bust of a woman than avoiding explicit violence like a beheading. What is also significant is that the rejection of this product, it came after a post on Instagram was removed because of "inappropriate content". So you better be' clean ' if you want new followers or if you want to reach people. And how neat this is depends on vague guidelines.

How do you stop shadowban?

- read the"guidelines for the communityfrom Instagram

- do not use bots or other automated services, do not buy followers, do not buy likes or comments because then Instagram can see you as spam and therefore blocks

- do not use blocked or broken hashtags, otherwise the other hashtags in your post will be blocked with visibility and traceability 

What do we do about it? Pole dancers wouldn't be pole dancers if they didn't take action against them. For example, Sarah Scott has created a new hashtag system for the old, exiled system of the #pd... #to replace pdironx with#..poletrick #ironxpoletrick. Of course, that's not all. In early september there was an action #Ilovebecause. This action calls on Instagram users and pole dancers to emphasise what pole dancing means to them and how it pole dancing has changed their lives in a positive way. This action was subsequently banned by Instagram.

If you want to know more about how to act this dishonest shadowban, and if there might be other actions in the future, you can follow the following account @polefree. On the websitehttps://www.pole-free.comread which pole dancers are behind this move and what they're up to. If e wants to read more about the shadowbanned and pole dancing in general, you can take a look athttps://bloggeronpole.com/2019/07/instagram-denies-censorship-of-pole-dancers-and-sex-workers/. This blogger Carolina writes many, funny and well-founded blogs concerning pole dancing and the shadowban (among others).

“Pole-this is going to be so much more than Facebook or Instagram – and-it-will-be community-run, which means you can wear whatever you want and dance to whatever you like, however you like, without the risk of being censored.”

- Sarah Scott.

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