SHOPPING DEADLINE 16 december 2019

SHOPPING DEADLINE 16 december 2019

The Flexmonkeys go into the jungle for two weeks! Not today, not tomorrow, but from December 25th to January 5th. Because the holidays are often accompanied by gifts and Flexmonkey has quite a lot of fun in the house, it is advisable to place december orders before or on December 16. In this way, packages can be expected to be delivered by 25 december. From 17 to 24 december all the nice packages will be packed and sent, although it is expected that they will not be sent until after the New Year's Eveconcern. Flexmonkey's well-known personal service is in the New Yearreachablefrom January 6th.

This week The monkeys will take a day on December 6 to orient and make the planning for 2020. Where's Flexmonkey gonna sponsor? What events are coming in? When are the new models coming? So many plans, that 2020 will be another beautiful monkey year!

Thanks to the many loyal fans and new customers, the Flexmonkeys wish everyone:

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