Flexmonkey celebrates. The first Flexmonkey design is a fact! The Sportacious line consists of three variants: Flower, Pink Diamond and Precious Black.

The name says it all, 'sportacious' is designed for the sporty woman. It had to be a comfortable outfit, with a playful wink. It had to be a set that anyone could handle, whatever form. And above all, an outfit that gives you freedom of movement without worries. In the Flexmonkey shorts you can make any split, split and downward-dog, without having to worry about something squeaking out from under the dust. So no view. The top is also designed to provide sufficient coverage, while still creating a feminine look. Flexmonkey also likes your own choice. You can also choose how to wear the shorts. Nice comfi high at the waist, so you keep your belly warm ;) or low, so you have a good grip with pole dancing. Below we will discuss the details of the design. In any case, we hope that the women who wear it feel strong and confident in it!

The top has a wide band under the chest and wide straps that cross over the shoulders. In this way, the top provides support so that you can sport without a bra. The back has a nice round cut out so that a large part of the back is visible. The space near the armpit is generously cut so that the arms have free movement space.

The top has double lining so it can be worn without padding. If padding is to be worn, these can be inserted into the specially entertained interior lining. The padding stays in place because of the inner seam. This ensures that the left and right padding cannot slide over each other.

The top is finished with playful see-through neckline. The design gives an optical bust and because of the high finish you don't have to worry about a boob falling out while exercising.

The shorts have a 3 cm long leg, which makes you comfortable and without worries a split, superman and eye-opener. In addition, the shorts are equipped with a fold-over strap, which allows you to determine how high it is in the waist. In this way, the shorts have a sporty look, where you have the choice whether the belly is exposed. The monkey printed on the back also appears when you fold the strap!

Did you get as excited as we did? Place now your pre-order!

Details: The Flexmonkey logo is printed in gold letters and the print is colour-resistant (sublimation print). By using elastan, the material is soft and flexible. The substance breathes and prevents excessive sweating. In addition, the substance is anti-bacterial. It is advisable to wash the product by hand, not to iron, bleach or put in the dryer.


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