Tough is the next SKINNY

Tough is the next SKINNY

Flexmonkeyfinds the beauty ideal of size 0 obsolete. What are we doing to ourselves in pursuit of all that skinny-ness? Tough girls, who stand for what they do and choose their own path despite all the social pressures, those are beautiful girls!

Flexmonkey likes to break the ideal image of thin, thinner, thinst. The risk of the skinnybitch trend is that girls no longer pursue a healthy figure, but the smallest size in clothing. Not satisfied with size M and always looking for the pants S says. The fact that a little muffin top sticks out over there doesn't seem to bother them. While that edge in a size M fits in the pants, and looks thinner in front of the eye. Then what the hell are we doing? What do you aim for? after what?

On Instagram and other social media, the fitgirls ' hype is now being set up, not only about slim, but also about muscular. This is yet another obligation that we are imposing on ourselves. You better have a rib fat when you sit down, or a happy flubbering second arm under your upper arm. The image is created that this is not normal. While even the skinniest or all has a ripple when she sits down.

Let's let those two images go and find out what really makes someone beautiful. Confidence. That look in someone's eyes you can't get around. The audacity of someone who says where it is, who does what she wants! Therefore, Flexmonkey introduces:

Tough is the next skinny!

Flexmonkey has chosen some tough girls who will share their sportsmanship with us: the Flexmonkey girls. Tough girls, who are positive in life and enjoy their sport. Next time, let's introduce Flexmonkey girl Vera, our runner.


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