Velvet Butterfly by Flexmonkey-designed in Amsterdam

Velvet Butterfly by Flexmonkey-designed in Amsterdam

Flexmonkey comes with an insanely beautiful print. You may have seen these pass by the beautiful Elena, our new brandambassador @hell_polesport. Elena's ultimate flexibility shows that these Flexmonkey polewear designs are also made for this sport. The Fit provides full cover and thus a carefree pole dance demonstration or pole training. The velvet fabric is elastic and wonderfully soft. The print is dazzling and color-proof. Do you feel like a butterfly so free in this new set?

new velvet polewear petrol bikini bottom and haltertop by Flexmonkey_pole clothing designing in Amsterdam

What's so extraordinary at the top?

You can wear this top on two sides. Say what? Yes, finally a summit that you can adapt to your mood. Would you rather wear a deep plain color, or would you prefer the bold print? You choose! For the price of one summit, you receive two. That saves in your closet and in your wallet!

And then the pole short. Finally, there is the low waist flexmonkey pole dance. After many applications and carefully designed, produced and tested. The split proof shorts are super comfortable with a low waistcoat and a wide cross. The finish is a double linings that make sure no one peeps in unintentionally. The short has an indoor shorts and the well-known crunched bun for those super nice round buttocks. Hence the name "APPLE BUN shorts".

new velvet polewear blue bikini bottom and haltertop by Flexmonkey_pole clothing designing in Amsterdam pole dancing clothes 

In addition to the beautiful designs, it is also the monkey new. The logo is the same but now printed in the renewed gold: crackle gold. The monkey moves along and over time shows its lines. That's how it gets an authentic look.

the new velvet polewear bikini-bottom-and-halter-by-Flexmonkey_pole clothing, designed in Amsterdam, mint green, paaldanskleding

On February 22 it is time: the release of the new velvet Collection 'Velvet Butterfly' and 'Minty Summer'. Two colors: diep petrol with a dreamy butterfly print and fresh mint green combined with the well-known flower print (which Flexmonkey_polewear started her clothing line once).The Beautiful petrol color and the cheerful mint green best comes to its right on the beautiful shiny velvet fabric. Elegant and sexy for the real aerial athlete.Both colours can be obtained from 22 February 2020.

new velvet mint green polewear bikini bottom and haltertop by Flexmonkey_pole clothes designing in Amsterdam pole dancing clothes

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