What do you need for your aerial hope for home?

What do you need for your aerial hope for home?

Flexmonkey figured it out for you! Hanging an aerial pile at home could be a hell of a carving. Especially if you don't have exactly what you need and what possibilities there are. That is why we have put together an aerial hope set for you, including carbines, swivel and a noose or rope. This will take care of your worries at once. Then all you have to do is determine where you hang hope. With a ceiling hook in the ceiling, on a climbing rack in the park, on a beam in the attic, on a tree branch, or somewhere else.

aerial pile rope and carabiner

Aerial Hoops are in different sizes of 85, 90, 95, 100 or 105cm in diameter. The great hope in relation to your body is important. Think of the techniques where you hang with your legs in a split in the hopes, or balance with your back and with your feet at the top of the pile give back pressure. Then it's so convenient that your feet get to the pile. You measure the ideal height of hope by sitting on a chair and measuring from the seat up to the top off your head, and counting 10cm on top of that. So if you measure from the seat to the top of your head 80cm, you need a lot of 90cm (outer ring). Personal preference for a slightly larger or smaller hope May of course differ. In addition to the size of hope, you also have a difference in one point, two point or no point.

Say what? An aerial hope with one point is a hope with one eye to hang the hope with. That's the same way with two eyes, and even with no eyes. This is important if you know how to hang up hope and what kind of techniques you primarily want to practice. The most common hope is one point. This is how this hope is seen most in studios. The hope with two point is often used in the circus. Keeping the balance is a little different with one pointer than with two. pointer.

Aerial hope two point Nederland EU shipping

Then you also have the choice of a 0-point Hope. The name says it all. This has no eyes and is ideal for the studio with limited space, because you can rig this hope (hang up) as a one point and as a two point Hope. You can then alternate between this way of hanging and practice all kinds of techniques that you otherwise need two different hoops for. The special thing about the zero-point Hope is that you can also hang it horizontally. The sky is the limit!

0-point aerial hope zero point pile flexmonkey firetoys with safety certificate

Hang your hopes with a rope or a noose. That's a choice you make. Not only does it make an optical difference, it also varies the skill with which you hang it. One person finds the hope attached to the rope and then to the ceiling, easier or prefers the streamlined look of a rope. While the other finds the use of the noose softer in front of the feet or finds more convenient hanging because you can put a noose on one side of the mounting. An aerial rope has two eyes that make a carabiner possible. A noose is a contiguous link with polyester protection around it. This noose can easily tie you to a beam, frame or tree branch, so you only need to confirm the hope and the swivel the carabiners. You can also choose to put the noose to put the hope, and then click the top of noose with a carabiner in the ceiling hook.

A carabiner? A carabiner is simply a hook from which you can close the opening. It forms an intermediate piece that ensures that you can easily mount the heap on a rope or noose. Often you need more than one.Why? One carabiner is attached to the heap and the swivel. The other side of the swivel is attached to a carabiner and the rope or noose. At the top of the rope, you can attach the whole case to the hook that is installed in the ceiling with the third carabiner. With a noose, you don't need a carabiner at the top. You can also attach the noose directly to the heap. This requires a single carabiner, which allows you to click hope in the frame or on a hook.

                            what do you need to hang an aerial hope what do you need to hang an aerial hope?

A swivel? A swivel makes it possible for the hope to run separately from the rope or noose. If it is not there, the hope first turns one way and then back the other way. For running techniques in aerial sport it is advisable to use a swivel. As a tip, we would like to inform you that you should pay close attention to how much KG can hang on each part. A lot of up to 180KG and a carabiner that only carries 20KG is not a good combination as you can see coming. In addition, pay attention to the number of kN that a part can draw. If you use a lot for 1 person then you are in the safe zone with a carrying capacity of 20kN or higher.

Flexmonkey has a Aerial hope package you can get rid of all your worries in one fell swoop and hang up the aerial hope with peace of mind. All you have to do is attach the hook to the ceiling. When ordering an aerial set, you will be contacted about the specific requirements and the order will be made to measure. Any more questions? Reassure you via info@flexmonkey.nl.

Source photos: firetoys. Flexmonkey is an official partner of Firetoys EU.

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