Do you remember who's been in the NK pole dancing for years?

Do you remember who's been in the NK pole dancing for years?

2 more nights of sleep and then in Waalwijk all the current for the whole of the Netherlands can be generated from the energy field that lies around Sporthal The Strokes. Top athletes from all over the country gather for the 2018 NK Pole Sport. Among the familiar faces there are also a lot of newcomers. Pole sports are gaining in popularity, and nowadays your aunt and niece have also tried it once. The Staalsport League has also been established for a year. We just say: pole dancing is an accepted sports! We were wondering who is the old bastard in the business now and who really does' blue ' appear on the NK. The research on the 'line-up' of previous years revealed some interesting facts.

In 2008, the first NK was held with Nienke Bruynesteyn Vaneker, Marieke Maas van Polegym, among others. (video), Ilse Schoonkind-Meulenbroek of ElisaJo studios and Sandra Vaderfrom Studio Aeris. And did you know that the NK pole dancing was ever won in heels? Nienke, known from studio Nienke in Enschede, won the NK in 2011 with the routine you see below as video. Marieke also became 2nd (Marieke in2011).  The following year, Yvonne Svink won the Championship (first place in2012). In 2013, a short digital track can be found. What we do know is that Sandra took third place.

This blog shows an overview of our Digital Search and inquiries with, among others, the Dutch Staalsport Bond and sporty pole dancing. The information we recovered is limited. While the participants of the first NKS played an important role in mapping pole dancing in the Netherlands, there is little online to raise from the Founding Fathers of pole dancing in the Netherlands. The first list of participants we find is from 2014. There are also from this year onwards youtube videos to be found via GymPowerTV live-from each participant. The NK pole dancing has been renamed the NK Pole Sport since this year and it is still growing! For example, no less than 3 categories have been added for the younger pole dancers (pre-novice, novice and junior) and the doubles have been divided into men and women. In addition to Masters (40+), There is also Senior (50+) since 2016. And of course from this year onwards Artistic pole!


 = = Sync, corrected by Elderman = = @ elder_man

In the reviews we see that Bettine (Sarton) and Monica (van Beek) keep coming back as real pole-dancing moms. Bettine has unfortunately had to retire this year but we can still enjoy her fantastic performance from last year (view here). The first year of which we found results is 2014, the year that Yvonne Smink again became Dutch champion (video included below) and Tatjana van Onna danced a beautiful second place (link to video).Tatiana 2014). Great to see how good they were then and how they both developed as poleart dancers. In the overview you can see which other talented poleartists participated, such as Marinka Angels, Sandra Vader, Ytsie Rosier and Coralie Bourdrel. In 2014, Marleen was the host. The winners are indicated on the picture in green.

2015 was the year of Hanka Vendelaar (see video) and Yvonne Smink and Belinda van Ommen returned. Unfortunately, Yvonne has outgrown the NK but is training new talent such as Demi Brama, Zoë Timmersmans and Janne Jacobs (Junior and Novice 2018). Who we are going to see again this weekend is Belinda, who won the NK Senior women in 2016! (video Belinda from 2015). In 2015 we don't see any men but we do see Kids with Demi and Janne, who finished first and second, just like last year. And so on to the World Cup 2015 and 2017 (video Demi, video Janne). Also for the first time Junior, where Savannah Poppe ended in first place (see video). Little girls grow up and Savannah is this year's title Defender of senior citizens 18plus. What we do not see in the overview, but have seen ;) is that Marinka Angels were back in the game and that Anneleen Freriksen was already in the game in 2015 (see video). Anneleen won second place last year.


2015 Dutch Championships poledance poleclothing Flexmonkey polewear

= = = Return to the Netherlands = = = in 2015, two famous Duo returned to the Netherlands, Tammy Lee and Chrisjha Mar, who took home the title Dutch champion for the second time in a row (see video). Phiranan Waldhober and Gabriela Swat, known from DuoPoleDirectory, also stood out in second place. (video). That year, another famous face, Tirsa Hagen of Studio Tirsa Artitics, came into play. Along with Charon, she set up a beautifully finished duo act. (video). This year, Tirsa returns with Eva (Evangeliena) to defend her title Duo Pole Champion, which she won with Josien Hoekstra in 2017.


Rash NK paalsport pole dancing the Netherlands Dutch Championships 2016 pole dancing clothes Flexmonkey polewear

Results NK Pole Sport 2016 pole dancing Netherlands Dutch Championships poledance Polewear Flexmonkey pole dancing clothes

In 2016, unfortunately, we only have the list of Senior Women. Belinda van Ommen got her title here and Miriam Brinksma came out second! (seevideo). Miriam was also there in 2017 and unfortunately had to withdraw due to an injury this year. Fortunately, we can fully enjoy her poletricks during one of her many performances at large fairs and festivals. Other familiar faces include Andre Maas, Savannah, Dolls, Coralie Bourdreil, Anneleen Freriksen, and Monica Hernandez. We'll see all these names again this weekend! 2016 was the yearAriana van der Vegte took her first steps in the national field of pole-dancing. Like last year, she took third place. (video). Ariane will be in the category Artistic pole this year. Amanda was the Caluwe of studio ADC for the first time at the NK pole dance that year. We're seeing Amanda again this year as a Duo withMahdalena Cool Wine. And, something special about this year: from 2016, the results will qualify for the World Cup Polesport of the IPSF.


Rash NK Pole Sport 2017 pole dancing Netherlands Dutch Championships poledance polewear Flexmonkey pole dancing clothes

Last year, many will still have fresh memories of Champions Fem Burghouts, Demi Brama, Chantal van Ouvelen, Patricia Goussens, Bettine Sarton, Hendrik the young, Savannah Poppe and as duo Tirsa & Josien. Nice entrance last year was the duo Dieuwke Hupkes and Suzy Niamut who first entered and went home in second place. (video). Maurits also won second place with the men and will also participate this year. Unfortunately, Henry is not here to defend his title because of an injury. Last year was the first time we saw Dineke Minten in the Dutch championships. Again this year she will show her fat "goose bumps" poletricks (see video below). Zoë Timmermans also put himself on the map as a poleartist world. She also won the Ultra Pole class at the World championships 2017. (last video below). We are curious how everyone will do it this year and wish everyone good luck!!


Unfortunately, these reviews are not complete and not everything can be found. There are plenty of other pole dancers we haven't been able to name in this blog. While these ladies, and gentlemen, do deserve this! The complete lists are difficult to find because of renewal, deletion of websites, facebook profiles and change in the administration in recent years and also the Pole Sport League has only lists from 2016. Also youtube has only been used in recent years to view the videos from the artists. We would like to thank everyone who has participated in the Dutch Pole Dancing Championships for making the sport great!

Who's in this year, you see? here.

Photocredit cover foot: & Maurice Smeets.

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