Which Dutch athletes are on the world ranking list of IPSF Polesport?

Which Dutch athletes are on the world ranking list of IPSF Polesport?

What a fantastic weekend it was during the Dutch pole-and-Line Championships 2019 (end of June). Despite the beautiful weather, many sports enthusiasts came to encourage the athletes. The enthusiastic booing was regularly heard in the entrance hall where the Flexmonkey popup store was located.

With insane performances and a completely new category of Aerial hope, the public was treated to the ever-increasing level of sportsmen and women. Remarkable was that the amount of double entrees. More than other years there were several athletes who competed in more than one category. Maud Rietbroek, Zara Melis and Nayla Aarts provided both a Pole sports and an Artistic Pole performance. To the question how difficult it is to prepare in two disciplines, answer Zara Melis: "I enjoyed being on the internship twice and showing my self-made choreographers. I especially liked Artistic Pole because I could really tell a story there. There are also fewer rules. I want to be back in two categories next year, only I have to plan it better. Now it gave me quite a lot of stress because I was also in my rehearsal week (test week). Because I spent so much time preparing for the NK, I got too low numbers. Fortunately, thanks to a rematch, I'm over." photography, Print, Melis, Junior Polesport the Artistic Pole IPSF Championships, pole dancing championship, flexmonkey polewear clothing

Zara Melis captured by

That's how you hear a story behind all the effort being shown on that one weekend. Many athletes have to leave things, invest time and money and sometimes pay something in other areas. If you want to join the NK Polesport make sure you are serious and also dare to turn in to get the best out of yourself. Other athletes can talk about this.

dineke minten lisette beekhuis apple wang Dutch champion polesport senior women pole dancing flexmonkey polewear clothing

in the category of Polesport Senior Women - by a

Arial hoop was included as a new category this year and several performers made grateful use of it. Apple Wang, Jessica Cadil, Iris Jaspers and Lisa Minnebreuker took on the challenge in both Pole sport and Aerial hope. Although it was the first edition with Aerial hope, the level was extremely high! The Netherlands is on the world ranking list several times after the NK. From the above artists, Apple Wang and Jessica Cadil won.multiple prices. Apple won the championship in Aerial Hope with the adult women and third place in Pole sport. She's now in sixth place on the world ranking list for Aerial hope. Jessica won the novices title in both categories and is now 4th in the world rankinglist. Other athletes who have won the world ranking list in Aerial Hope are the duo Kelly de Vos and Marie-Sophie Alkemade. With their graceful performance they are currently taking second place on this list. Unbelievable. performance!

Apple Wang Leon Hofenk Dutch champion aerial hope IPSF polesport championship Netherlands Flexmonkey polewear pole dancing clothesJessica Cadil Leon Hofenk Dutch champion aerial hope IPSF polesport championship Netherlands Flexmonkey polewear

Apple Wang & Jessica Cadil captured by Leon Hofenk

Within the Polesport Senior Women, the Netherlands is twice in the world ranking list. None other than the powerful Dineke Minten is at number 15 and the super nimble Lisette Beekhuis is at number 20! At the NK they were on stage together. Dineke won the title dutch champion and Lisette stood next to her and received the cup for the second place. The men from Dutch soil can also be found here. Nick La Gije won the title Dutch Champion Polesport Senior Men and with his score is world wide with his score. Another man, Nils-Anders Gruben, is in 8th place in the category 'Polesport Doubles - Male/Female' together with his female duo Victoria Vyerlye after they have won the Dutch title. The women have also managed to secure a place between all the other countries. Tirsa Hagen and Eva van der Pal have again won the title dutch champion and a nice 4th place worldwide with their score. And then the world championships haven't even been!

Tirsa Hagen Eva Van der Pal Nederlands champ Polesports Doubles Female/Female IPSF paalsport nederland flexmonkey polewear

Eva and Tirsa in a selfie after winning the title of Dutch champion

Ariane van der Vegte finished first in this year's category Artistic pole Senior women and achieved a 12th place on the world ranking list. The world record in this category is still held by Maud Rietbroek, who won it at the world championships in Tarragona last year. The Netherlands is doing super well in Artistic pole because also the winner among the men is on the world ranking list. At number 12 is Lucian Rosa. Also in the doubles we have represented Dutch pride, in the name of Loes Botter and Leonie van Dijk, which are in 14th place worldwide!

ariane van der vegte Nederlandse champ artistic pole IPSF paalsportbond flexmonkey polewear

Ariane van der Vegte captured by Leon Hofenk

Finally, there was one athlete who took the crown! The job, which year-old participated in no less than 3 disciplines! Then, of course, we're talking about Flexmonkey brandambassodor Demi Brama. She showed a powerful Pole sport act and rolled on to Artistic Pole. A sweet and expressive performance in which she and her living prop/prop left the audience in an 'aaah' and 'oooh'. We can proudly say that she has completed all three of her performances from start to finish with the same porfessionality and energy. Finished to perfection and with facial expressions of an accomplished actress. Demi Brama is now 3rd on the world ranking list for Aerial Hope and in 6th place within Artistic Pole.

The results of the NK Paalsport 2019 can beHereFind. The world ranking list can be foundHere.

Demi Brama captured during Artistic Pole - by

Demi Brama her cups 2019

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