Become a friendly dance school too!

Become friends with Flexmonkey! As a dance studio you probably often get questions about dance clothing and you know how to advise your students well. What if you can also offer your students a standard discount? Wouldn't that be great?

Feel free to contact us and ask about the possibilities! Messages can be sent to, or via the 'contact' button on the left of the website.

Do you not have a studio of your own, but do you want the dance school where you teach to become a dance school that is friendly? Then you can also send a message!

The general terms and conditions of a friendly dance school can be found at the bottom of the page, under SERVICE - Friendly dance school. Studio ADC in Meern and Studio Poleproficiency in Groningen already preceded you!

"Flexmonkey makes shorts and tops that everyone can wear! For yoga, running, tennis, kickboxing, pole dancing .. Faboulous & comfortable! Why I am in love with this brand? You can wear the pants in 2 ways: high & low waist. You choose what suits you best and can easily change it. "Amanda, studio ADC


"Incredibly good service and fast delivery !! Very nice pole dance clothing, very satisfied with the knee pads. Totally fan of BCAA Powder and the Flex Monkey shaker. I say do it and don't wait any longer to order." Sabrina, studio PoleProficiency

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