Are you gonna be a VIP Monkey, too?

Are you gonna be a VIP Monkey, too?

Sport in style, sport in Flexmonkey! And that's making it even more attractive now. You can earn a discount by telling your friends how great the Flexmonkey wear is during sports. Also, if you lead someone to our webshop, you can bring in a nice discount!

The conditions of VIP Monkey.Do you have a total200 or more published in our monkey-webshop or studio-shop? Then you will be eligible for the Flexmonkey VIP Membership. All orders already made will be added together. On request, you will receive a personal discount code that will get you a 5% discount on Flexmonkey wear from that moment on. These are the own designs of Flexmonkey. Once VIP monkey then you will be eligible for referral discount. When someone places an order and calls your name, you will receive a discount code for 10% on a Flexmonkey garment. Or you can choose a 5% discount on a BadKitty or Dragonfly yogawear item. When you finalize an order, you can pass the name as comments. And we then create a special personal code for you! You can always read the full terms and conditions in the general terms of actions and discounts.

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