X-lock, the easiest way to go from static to spinning pole!

X-lock, the easiest way to go from static to spinning pole!

X-pole comes with a new revolutionary system to put the polefitness dance poles of static on spinning; the X-lock system. A simple hand movement and the dance pole is now set to spinning. And back on static! That is not to explain in words, you have to see that;

This intermediate piece with revolutionary click system is the solution for anyone who wants a dance pole for home, or in the studio. But even if you already have an X-pole. You can order the X-lock separately!

So, if you already own an X-pole dance pole, you can use this intermediate piece to make your dance pole X-lock proof. Whether it's a coating pole, plain chrome or stainless steel, this intermediate piece is mounted at the bottom of the pole. It replaces the older system where you have to loosen the screws. Please note that this insert only fits if you have a pole with the screw system at the bottom of the dance pole.

How do you get an X-lock? Simple Here order. If you order two, you will receive a 10 euro discount! So, app your polebuddie and order together. You can email us via Contact.

The prices that Flexmonkey displays are in euro and INCLUSIVE delivery! Not only within the Netherlands, but also to BelgiumË, France and Germany. You can contact us with questionsContact. We're happy to help you out.

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